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1. Not occurring regularly; occasional or rare: an infrequent guest.
2. Situated or placed at rather wide intervals, as in time or space: infrequent oases in the desert.

in·fre′quence, in·fre′quen·cy n.
in·fre′quent·ly adv.
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Gatland by contrast is approaching his 63rd assignment and, critically, his Wales teams have faced Australia, New Zealand and South Africa 18 times, something none of his predecessors got close to matching in eras when those fixtures were kept special by their infrequence.
That is probably attributable both to its relative infrequence and seeming lack of rational purpose.
maintained by all staff) * Staff stress/fatigue monitored via leave and statistical data Consultation/CSO involvement: * Existence of committee * Active OHS committee but to what extent are comprising elected staff concerns being reps--hold quarterly meetings communicated to * CSOs can influence additional committee due to OHS checks infrequence of meetings?