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Shaped like a funnel.


(Botany) (of plant parts) shaped like a funnel


(ˌɪn fʌnˈdɪb yə ləˌfɔrm)

adj. Bot.
[1745–55; infundibul (um) + -i- + -form]
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Corolla gamopetalous, tubular-campanulate, infundibuliform, campanulate or hypocrateriform, sometimes with bilabiate apex, aestivation imbricate, zygomorphic; stamens included or exserted, 4, rarely reduced to 2, didynamous, staminode reduced, glabro, rarely elongate and pilose; filaments adnate to the corolla at the base; anthers commonly divergent, generally glabrous, rarely pilose; pollen grains many, in monads, rarely in tetrads or polyads; nectariferous disk generally present; gynoecium bicarpellate, bilocular; ovary superior, multiovulate, placentation axial, stigma bilamelate, lobes sensitive (closing after contact with pollinator).
5 cm, tube and fauces yellow and lobes white, infundibuliform, slightly pubescent; stamens included, dorsal filaments ca.
PILEUS 6-7 cm wide depressed to infundibuliform to irregularly shaped at maturity surface dry rough tomentose patches present on pileus surface dull red to brownish red margins uplifted to slightly recurved of same color as pileus not entire but cracked.
Septal spines are absent and tabulae are infundibuliform as in Syringopora.
Absent or -- F-L concave Neomultithecopora Curved- Tubuli F-L-F cantabrica horinzontal- infundibuliform Roemeripora sp.
Plant forming rosettes of about 13-17 leaves, rosettes in groups of up to ten individuals, slenderly infundibuliform.
Corolla salveriform, infundibuliform, tubular, or rotate.
Corolla salveriform to infundibuliform or rarely tubular campanulate; aestivation sinistrorse in Wrightia, Pleioceras, and Stephanostemma; often with conspicuous corona of flat, petaloid segments in mouth.
heterophylla have infundibuliform and slightly zygomorphic white corollas with included stamens, while the flowers of T.
Character Hechtia argentea (a) Hechtia lepidophylla (#) Rosette shape spherical infundibuliform Foliar apex revolute straight Foliar blade straight curved Foliar spine ca.