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a.1.Having the power of infusion; inspiring; influencing.
The infusive force of Spirit on man.
- Thomson.
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9 - IGC 5133337BB1: three-year supply of rental equipment (complete with all accessories) for normothermic heating solutions infusive in endoscopic urology.
The visual arts, like that of their more infusive sister, music, are inarticulate, they work by subterfuge beyond the borderlines of language; they consist of material objects that have been created by an artist who does not 'explain' their role or purpose directly.
43), Probyn's understanding of desire is similar to that of Jean-Paul Sartre (1956), who speaks of its infusive nature as a type of "trouble," where, if we were to look into the murk of "troubled water" we would see in its depths that "it preserves [its] fluidity and .
In the preanalytical phase in particular, the most common faults (Table 3) depended on inaccurate procedures for sample collection, including blood drawing from an infusive line, resulting in sample dilution, and utilization of an inappropriate container.
Sagent Takes Over Syringe Technology of Infusive Technologies 46
a privately-held specialty pharmaceutical company, today announced the acquisition of Infusive Technologies' proprietary, patented, multi-chamber, sequential dose syringe technology.