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1. Having great inventive skill and imagination: an ingenious negotiator.
2. Marked by or exhibiting originality or inventiveness: an ingenious solution to the problem.
3. Obsolete Having genius; brilliant.

[Middle English, from Old French ingenios, from Latin ingeniōsus, from ingenium, inborn talent; see genə- in Indo-European roots.]

in·gen′ious·ly adv.
in·gen′ious·ness n.
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Noun1.ingeniousness - the power of creative imaginationingeniousness - the power of creative imagination  
creative thinking, creativeness, creativity - the ability to create
resourcefulness, imagination, resource - the ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems; "a man of resource"
2.ingeniousness - the property of being ingenious; "a plot of great ingenuity"; "the cleverness of its design"
high quality, superiority - the quality of being superior


بَراعَه، نُبوغ


(inˈdʒiːnjəs) adjective
1. (of a person or his personality etc) clever at inventing. He was ingenious at making up new games for the children.
2. (of an object or idea) cleverly made or thought out. an ingenious plan/machine.
inˈgeniously adverb
inˈgeniousness noun
ingenuity (indʒəˈnjuəti) noun
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We believe strongly that this product matches the ingeniousness and broad target market that Snorenz does, but has the potential to be far more popular," said CEO Brandon Dean, who also wants to explain that his goal as CEO is not to continuously add new products before profitability takes place, but to refine and focus the company's strategies in order to achieve profitability.
This UNESCO World Heritage Site is breathtaking for its sheer beauty and ingeniousness.
33) Patterson could not have chosen a worse example to make his case, as Vendler's reading (if ingeniousness makes her overstate the matter to an extent) surely has merit?
Consequently, one will notice that most of the cultural forms that emanated from the dawn of the twentieth century were characterised by the prevailing sociopolitical temper of the time, specifically the wars which re-emphasised human bestiality and its ingeniousness for destruction.
Admitting that he "did not reckon with capitalism's ingeniousness in surviving" and that he "did not imagine that there would be drugs to keep the sick system alive," Marx points an angry finger at consumption, at all those "luxuries advertised in your magazines and on your screens.
Depending on the choreographer, that can result in solipsism or ingeniousness.
Those who pretend that human ingeniousness holds a solution ready to kick in when needed , won't be able to lie much longer.
First-time author-illustrator Karla Strambini seems to have been influenced by the inspired ingeniousness of the Qwerty keyboard to celebrate the notion of invention.
In this concept of pre-stressing, the engineer uses his or her inventiveness, ingeniousness and creativity, especially in the design of statically indeterminate structures.
Taking cues from scientists and innovators like Albert Einstein and Isc Newton, who struggled in school but achieved so much by thinking outside the box, the Omani Inventors are emulating the geeky ingeniousness to make their own marks.
The sonnet may be Italian in its provenance, but it came to England at the moment of Elizabethan cultural ascendancy, and it was revived by the Romantics in part as an instance of specifically British expressive ingeniousness.
but it need not be an invention of striking uniqueness, ingeniousness, or novelty; it simply must be a distinguishable creation of the author.