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1. An open fire in a fireplace.
2. A fireplace.

[Perhaps Scottish Gaelic aingeal, fire, light.]


archaic or dialect a fire in a room or a fireplace
[C16: probably from Scottish Gaelic aingeal fire]


(ˈɪŋ gəl)

1. a fire burning in a hearth.
2. a fireplace; hearth.
[1500–10; < Scottish Gaelic aingeal fire]
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His wee bit ingle, blinkin bonnily, His clean hearth-stane, his thriftie wifie's smile, The lisping infant prattling on his knee, Does a' his weary carking care beguile, An' makes him quite forget his labour and his toil.
No sign of occult art is to be seen, unless the bundles of dried herbs hanging to the rack and in the ingle and the row of labelled phials on one of the shelves betoken it.
WALES Women's skipper Sophie Ingle admits Bristol Academy's Champions League quarter-final clash is the biggest of her career to date.
And Ingle, who succeeded Jess Fishlock as Wales skipper, will face the former Vixen who is on loan at Frankfurt from Seattle Reign FC.
Ingle had the chore of a fight-day weigh-in - and all-American judges - on the order of the New York commission, and against the dictates of the International Boxing Federation.
In an industry that considers anybody over 40 a senior citizen, John Ingle and Anna Lee are an anomaly.
Ingle presented a plaque to the association during its state convention.
PANOS ELIADES and former partner Frank Maloney were locked in a bitter row last night over stricken fighter Paul Ingle.
BOXER Paul Ingle was fighting for his life in hospital last night after being knocked unconscious.
THE talk was of a re-match with Naseem Hamed after Paul Ingle came off the floor to retain his IBF featherweight crown.
Prince Naseem Hamed knocked out Paul Ingle in the 11th round Saturday night to retain his WBO featherweight title for the 12th time.
Prince Naseem Hamed's split with Brendan Ingle may have been acrimonious, but his former trainer's fight forecast still carried the familiar ring of happier times.