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1. A nook or corner beside an open fireplace.
2. A bench, especially either of two facing benches, placed in a nook or corner beside a fireplace.

[ingle + nook.]


Brit a corner by a fireplace; chimney corner


(ˈɪŋ gəlˌnʊk)

a corner or nook near a fireplace.
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Noun1.inglenook - a corner by a fireplaceinglenook - a corner by a fireplace    
nook, corner - an interior angle formed by two meeting walls; "a piano was in one corner of the room"


[ˈɪŋglnʊk] Nrincón m de la chimenea


nKaminecke f
References in classic literature ?
The pugilist's own background presented an elaborate scheme of oak and tiles, with inglenooks green from the joiner, and a china cupboard with leaded panes behind his bullet head.
Priscilla, who would have had to cross the room to reach the kitchen door, lost her head, wildly plunged the chocolate cake under a cushion on the inglenook sofa, and dashed upstairs.
Finally he lit his pipe, and sitting in the inglenook of the old village inn he talked slowly and at random about his case, rather as one who thinks aloud than as one who makes a considered statement.
Yet no one had retired, except the children and "old Feyther Taft," who being too deaf to catch many words, had some time ago gone back to his inglenook.
The updated 16th century house still has its old beams, exposed trusses, leaded windows, exposed brick walls and brick inglenooks.
The other three inglenooks are less traditional, more theatrical.
Inside the original old property there are exposed beams and timbers, inglenooks and exposed wood flooring.
Also on the ground floor are the dining room, study, 22ft by 19ft drawing room and big kitchen with just two of the old inglenooks and a timber and glazed wall to the inner court.