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Going in; entering: the ingoing administration; ingoing data.


coming or going in; entering
1. (Law) (often plural) English law the sum paid by a new tenant for fixtures left behind by the outgoing tenant
2. (Architecture) Scot another word for ingo


(ˈɪnˌgoʊ ɪŋ)

going in; entering.


adj maileingehend, einlaufend; ingoing tenantneuer Mieter, neue Mieterin
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An hour's time saw the sled loaded with the ingoing mail and grub, fresh dogs harnessed, and a fresh Indian engaged.
According to preliminary results of the ingoing feasibility study, the proposed bridge will start at the King'orani prison (Jela Baridi) along Lumumba Road, then pass over the Railway station, over Moi Avenue, over Archbishop Macarius Road, Liwatoni, until the Likoni channel.
The awarding ceremony consisted of two stages and was held in 12 nominations: Best adventurous project, Preservation of national traditions project, Best tourist project, Best guide, Best transportation organization, Best museum, Best rest house, Best ingoing tour operator, Best restaurant, Best hotel of Artsakh, Best hotel of Armenia, Best health resort city.
The idea is the super translations are a hologram of the ingoing particles,' he explained.
All the ingoing tenant needs to do is erect some signage and stock the unit.
The final receiver and the inter-node are different: The ingoing packet has to be forwarded, the callback() function is therefore executed.
They then scanned all the numbers for ingoing and outgoing calls.
1) All edges incident to s are ingoing red and all edges incident to t are ingoing blue.
Once every two months, ships pulled alongside us and a cable was strung to handle ingoing and outgoing mail [loaded in mailbags sent across on the cable].
Government built immigration resettlement development base, both to ensure the stable solve the problem of food and clothing of ingoing households, and to ensure that does not destroy the ingoing ground ecological environment.
Franky's cell phone records, obtained by investigators, proved more useful: They showed many ingoing and outgoing calls on March 10 - especially with co-worker Medellin, whom called Franky numerous times that day, a source close to the investigation said.