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tr.v. in·grained, in·grain·ing, in·grains
1. To fix deeply or indelibly, as in the mind: "A system that had been ingrained for generations could not be easily undone by change from the top" (Doris Kearns Goodwin).
2. Archaic To dye or stain into the fiber of.
adj. (ĭn′grān′)
1. Deep-seated; ingrained.
2. Made of predyed fibers; thoroughly dyed: ingrain yarn.
3. Made of fiber or yarn dyed before weaving. Used especially of rugs.
n. (ĭn′grān′)
1. Yarn or fiber dyed before manufacture.
2. An ingrain rug or carpet.

[Variant of engrain.]




vb (tr)
1. to impress deeply on the mind or nature; instil
2. (Dyeing) archaic to dye into the fibre of (a fabric)
3. variants of ingrained
4. (Dyeing) (of woven or knitted articles, esp rugs and carpets) made of dyed yarn or of fibre that is dyed before being spun into yarn
a. a carpet made from ingrained yarn
b. such yarn
[C18: from the phrase dyed in grain dyed with kermes through the fibre]


(v. ɪnˈgreɪn; adj., n. ˈɪnˌgreɪn)
1. to implant or fix deeply and firmly, as in the nature or mind.
2. ingrained; firmly fixed.
3. (of fiber or yarn) dyed in a raw state, before being woven or knitted.
4. made of fiber or yarn so dyed: ingrain fabric.
5. yarn, wool, etc., dyed before manufacture.
Also, engrain (for defs. 1,2).
[1760–70; orig. phrase (dyed) in grain]


, ingrained - Ingrain literally means "work into the grain" (originally, of fabric), and ingrained is metaphorically "deep-seated."
See also related terms for metaphor.


Past participle: ingrained
Gerund: ingraining

I ingrain
you ingrain
he/she/it ingrains
we ingrain
you ingrain
they ingrain
I ingrained
you ingrained
he/she/it ingrained
we ingrained
you ingrained
they ingrained
Present Continuous
I am ingraining
you are ingraining
he/she/it is ingraining
we are ingraining
you are ingraining
they are ingraining
Present Perfect
I have ingrained
you have ingrained
he/she/it has ingrained
we have ingrained
you have ingrained
they have ingrained
Past Continuous
I was ingraining
you were ingraining
he/she/it was ingraining
we were ingraining
you were ingraining
they were ingraining
Past Perfect
I had ingrained
you had ingrained
he/she/it had ingrained
we had ingrained
you had ingrained
they had ingrained
I will ingrain
you will ingrain
he/she/it will ingrain
we will ingrain
you will ingrain
they will ingrain
Future Perfect
I will have ingrained
you will have ingrained
he/she/it will have ingrained
we will have ingrained
you will have ingrained
they will have ingrained
Future Continuous
I will be ingraining
you will be ingraining
he/she/it will be ingraining
we will be ingraining
you will be ingraining
they will be ingraining
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been ingraining
you have been ingraining
he/she/it has been ingraining
we have been ingraining
you have been ingraining
they have been ingraining
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been ingraining
you will have been ingraining
he/she/it will have been ingraining
we will have been ingraining
you will have been ingraining
they will have been ingraining
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been ingraining
you had been ingraining
he/she/it had been ingraining
we had been ingraining
you had been ingraining
they had been ingraining
I would ingrain
you would ingrain
he/she/it would ingrain
we would ingrain
you would ingrain
they would ingrain
Past Conditional
I would have ingrained
you would have ingrained
he/she/it would have ingrained
we would have ingrained
you would have ingrained
they would have ingrained
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Verb1.ingrain - thoroughly work in; "His hands were grained with dirt"
penetrate, perforate - pass into or through, often by overcoming resistance; "The bullet penetrated her chest"
2.ingrain - produce or try to produce a vivid impression of; "Mother tried to ingrain respect for our elders in us"
impress, strike, affect, move - have an emotional or cognitive impact upon; "This child impressed me as unusually mature"; "This behavior struck me as odd"


To implant so deeply as to make change nearly impossible:
References in classic literature ?
The room had, to begin with, a cheerful red ingrain carpet and a set of maple furniture.
When were such changes ever made in men's natural relations to one another: when was such reconcilement of ingrain differences ever effected
Elizabeth, to whom this speech was addressed, did not reply, but moved slowly up the hall by herself, fixing her eyes on the little figure of the English ingrain carpet that covered the floor; while, on the other hand, Richard gave a loud crack with his whip, as the stranger disappeared, and cried:
I think, in some preexistent state, he must have been in the higher circles of spirits, and brought all his old court pride along with him; for it was ingrain, bred in the bone, though he was originally of poor and not in any way of noble family.
Many patterns of carpet lay rolled out before them on the floor--two of Brussels showed the beginning of their quest, and its ending in that direction; while a score of ingrains lured their eyes and prolonged the debate between desire pocket-book.
Now let me see--hum, yes, we was discussing ingrains," he continued briskly.
Although he had enough in personal savings to cover the initial fee (which ranged from $4,575 to $9,800), Ingrain applied for CmiseOne's new "Operation Vetrepreneur: Become Your Own General" program, which offered free franchises to five veterans of any of the branches of the U.
The images generated by these electron microscopes will be analysed using technology from Ingrain to better rock properties and resource locations.
Liliana George From Estee Lauder Companies will show how brands like Aveda can ingrain sustainability into their corporate DNA.
In his introductory material, Ingrain relies heavily on Alfred North Whitehead for the language of process, which Ingrain sees as fundamental, not only to human experience but also to the nature of reality.
Two companies, Ingrain Energy and Narumi Energy, are at loggerheads for a contract to build a refinery in India that will process oil from Russia.
Ingrain Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti LLP has renewed its 20,000 s/f lease at 250 Park Avenue and Reitler Kailas & Rosenbtatt LLC has subleased a full floor at 885 Third Avenue, reports Gordon Ogden and Tom Murray of Byrnam Wood LLC which represented both firms in the transactions.