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1. Of, relating to, or involving ingress.
2. Grammar Inchoative.
3. Linguistics Of or being a speech sound produced with an inhalation of breath.

in·gres′sive n.
in·gres′sive·ness n.


1. of or concerning ingress
2. (Phonetics & Phonology) (of a speech sound) pronounced with an inhalation rather than exhalation of breath
(Phonetics & Phonology) an ingressive speech sound, such as a Zulu click
inˈgressiveness n


(ɪnˈgrɛs ɪv)

1. of or pertaining to ingress.
2. (of a speech sound) produced with air being taken into the mouth, as some clicks.
in•gres′sive•ly, adv.
in•gres′sive•ness, n.
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These sounds are called "ingressive", and Eklund and his colleagues have proposed that we define purring as "continuous sound production must alternate between pulmonic egressive and ingressive airstream (and usually go on for minutes).
This grammaticalization path is actually common in Finnic languages and Finno-ugric languages in general, and to such a degree that the source meaning of the ingressive verbs may vary (Metslang 1996: 133).
Articles_ID=208&naproxen ingressive cialis online http://www.
DEF = definite, DEM = demonstrative, ERG = ergative, ES = ergative suffix, EXH = exhortative, FUT = future, GENR general tense-aspect-mood marker, IMPF = imperfective, INGR ingressive.
From the perspective of intra-psychic dynamics the ingressive movement of the dreamer's egoity and conjunction with her maternal imago, as distinct from her mother who actually bore and brought her up, is articulated with a formidable intensity.
Kahn calls his interpretation "the hypothesis of ingressive exposition" (p.
Content Outline: Introduction to Prehension Technology Automatic Prehension Impactive Mechanical Grippers Ingressive Grippers Astrictive Prehension Contigutive Prehension Miniature Grippers and Microgrippers Special Designs Hand Axes and Kinematics Separation Instrumentation and Control Tool Exchange and Reconfigurability Compliance Selected Case Studies
List of abbreviations ACC accusative AgrO agreement marker with the object aux(np) non-past auxiliary aux(past) past auxiliary CONT continuative CONV converb COP copula DEF definite article DISTR distributive morpheme f feminine GEN genitive IMP imperative INGR ingressive IPV imperfective JUS jussive NEG negative/negation p plural poss possessive suffix PV perfective REL relative clause marker 1s 1st person singular 2p 2nd person plural 2sf 2nd person singular feminine 2sm 2nd person singular masculine 3p 3rd person plural 3sf 3rd person singular feminine 3sm 3rd person singular masculine
The third article, by Sandra Clarke and Gunnel Melchers, describes the geographical distribution of ingressive particles across the North Atlantic.
56): samhakuma is not ingressive ("I became majestic"--to me an odd idea) but rather describes the state Gilgamesh found himself in during his dream.
479) is one of the verbs that have such an ingressive lamedh, but the very examples cited by DJPA only support Muraoka's refutation: e.