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1. The act of growing inward or into.
2. Something that grows inward or into.


1. the act of growing inwards: the ingrowth of a toenail.
2. something that grows inwards



1. growth inward.
2. something formed by growth inward.
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Noun1.ingrowth - something that grows inward
growth - something grown or growing; "a growth of hair"
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The device must also resist initial bacterial attachment and ingrowth which can adversely affect the removal of biliary obstructions.
Next, unlike many medical implants that require several days or weeks for biological tissue ingrowth to assist in the anchoring, the current anchoring technology affixes the device in position without the need of tissue ingrowth, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of migration prior to endothelialization.
One side features the patented CORDUROY(R) Surface to promote rapid tissue ingrowth into the abdominal wall while the other, smooth side, features a closed structure that discourages visceral attachment.
While both systems encouraged the ingrowth of neo-ligament tissue, matrices with seeded cells performed particularly well in this study.
developers of novel Bioimplants for soft tissue repair, announced it has commercially launched the OrthADAPT(TM) Bioimplant -- a biocompatible, stabilized, terminally sterilized collagen scaffold that fortifies and promotes tissue ingrowth for long-term performance.
This unique technology platform has similar mechanical properties to bone, resulting in load sharing, rapid tissue ingrowth and eliminating the requirement for additional bone graft material, thus reducing the time of surgery, the risk of complications and preventing graft site morbidity.
Following debridement of more superficial injuries (second degree), the cleansed wounds need to be covered with a dressing that will minimize wound contraction and scar tissue formation, and promote ingrowth of new skin cells (keratinocytes) to cover the wound in a process known as re-epithelialization.
Because the implants were produced with the appropriate mechanical properties, they provided a structurally sound conduit to support tissue ingrowth during joint use.
The device's unique ePTFE graft lining minimizes transmural permeation of bile and mucin (which are common causes of patency loss) and reduces tissue ingrowth into the graft for ease of surgical dissection during liver transplantation.
There will be an ingrowth of tissue, and the AlloDerm cells will eventually become `McSherry' cells.
RHAKOSS is under development in Europe as a preformed composite that mimics the natural dual cortical-cancellous composition of human bone, providing high strength while also allowing for the ingrowth of host bone to address the vertebral interbody fusion and spinal reconstruction market.
In 1999, all DUALMESH(R) Biomaterial configurations were adapted to feature the advanced CORDUROY tissue ingrowth surface.