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1. Not in harmony; discordant.
2. Not in accord or agreement.

in′har·mo′ni·ous·ly adv.
in′har·mo′ni·ous·ness n.
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Noun1.inharmoniousness - a lack of harmony
dissonance - disagreeable sounds
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Deacon, 2003) Foucault's interpretation of productive power substantiates a combative view of politics that has not been constituted upon an ontology of forcefulness (there is not any inharmoniousness between aggressiveness and clear-headedness): it includes an immoderate, ontological claim concerning the character of reality, the latter being the outcome of social routines and endeavors over truth and impartiality.
The inharmoniousness of the jingling sound coincides with abruptness of wide screen animation as transition forcefully dragging viewers back and forth from the diegesis to the real world and redirecting them on the way to the strikingly similar uncomfortable feelings of every daily life of the poor.
While Christianity doesnt allow of religious inharmoniousness, Christians do believe on equality, love and peace, therefore, this shameful act of Terry Jones hurt the Christians in Pakistan.