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intr.v. in·hered, in·her·ing, in·heres
To be inherent or innate.

[Latin inhaerēre : in-, in; see in-2 + haerēre, to stick.]

in·her′ence (-hîr′əns, -hĕr′-), in·her′en·cy n.


(foll by: in) to be an inseparable part (of)
[C16: from Latin inhaerēre to stick in, from haerēre to stick]



v.i. -hered, -her•ing.
to be inherent.
[1580–90; < Latin inhaerēre to remain attached =in- in-2 + haerēre to stick]


Past participle: inhered
Gerund: inhering

I inhere
you inhere
he/she/it inheres
we inhere
you inhere
they inhere
I inhered
you inhered
he/she/it inhered
we inhered
you inhered
they inhered
Present Continuous
I am inhering
you are inhering
he/she/it is inhering
we are inhering
you are inhering
they are inhering
Present Perfect
I have inhered
you have inhered
he/she/it has inhered
we have inhered
you have inhered
they have inhered
Past Continuous
I was inhering
you were inhering
he/she/it was inhering
we were inhering
you were inhering
they were inhering
Past Perfect
I had inhered
you had inhered
he/she/it had inhered
we had inhered
you had inhered
they had inhered
I will inhere
you will inhere
he/she/it will inhere
we will inhere
you will inhere
they will inhere
Future Perfect
I will have inhered
you will have inhered
he/she/it will have inhered
we will have inhered
you will have inhered
they will have inhered
Future Continuous
I will be inhering
you will be inhering
he/she/it will be inhering
we will be inhering
you will be inhering
they will be inhering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been inhering
you have been inhering
he/she/it has been inhering
we have been inhering
you have been inhering
they have been inhering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been inhering
you will have been inhering
he/she/it will have been inhering
we will have been inhering
you will have been inhering
they will have been inhering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been inhering
you had been inhering
he/she/it had been inhering
we had been inhering
you had been inhering
they had been inhering
I would inhere
you would inhere
he/she/it would inhere
we would inhere
you would inhere
they would inhere
Past Conditional
I would have inhered
you would have inhered
he/she/it would have inhered
we would have inhered
you would have inhered
they would have inhered
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Verb1.inhere - be inherent in something
belong to, belong - be a part or adjunct; "the uniform looks like it belonged to a museum collection"; "These pages don't belong"


To have an inherent basis:


[ɪnˈhɪəʳ] VI (frm) → ser inherente (in a)


vi to inhere in somethingeiner Sache (dat)innewohnen
References in classic literature ?
Take the analogy of the body: The evil of the body is a disease which wastes and reduces and annihilates the body; and all the things of which we were just now speaking come to annihilation through their own corruption attaching to them and inhering in them and so destroying them.
Do they by attaching to the soul and inhering in her at last bring her to death, and so separate her from the body ?
Americans have never shied from a good political fight, disagreement inhering in self-government.
Descartes notoriously characterizes substance in two ways: first, as an ultimate subject of properties (that is, a subject in which properties inhere without itself inhering in anything); second, as an independent entity.
Assad Omar, PTI's financial expert, lauded PPP rule who performed far better than PML-N despite inhering deteriorated economy.
While the former draws attention to interconnectedness without any particular emphasis on the extent to which such structures, brought about by colonial rule and capitalism, largely determined the range of local responses to them, the latter gives pride of place to the temporal dimension and fails, thereby, to pay adequate attention to the extent to which post-colonial critiques actually seek to engage the structures that made such societies possible, while at the same time inhering in them.
King Abdullah does not have sole say on who will inhering the throne.
One substance cannot be produced by another, the causal self-sufficiency of substance is a demonstrable property, and modes are non-essential properties inhering in their substance.
Ultimately, Santamarina calls for an "adjusting [of] our discursive models for antebellum black femininity so that modern readers may recognize the paucity of discourses (then and now) that adequately address the opportunities and limitations inhering in black women's public, paid labor" (136).
While allegorical interpretation (which Auerbach refers to as figurative) is constituted by the difference inhering in the binary opposition between literality and nonliterality, figural interpretation is constituted by the relation between two terms or events and the discernment of that relationship.
Faced as he is with two frameworks of convention--the first inhering in the mannerist quality of the detective genre and the second deriving from his publisher's requirements--Wilson does a creditable job of securing space for suggestive comments on the work of Walter Mosley.
1d5 suggests that inhering in is closely related to being an affection of Since, in medieval and modern philosophy, the term 'affection' is commonly used to refer to the properties of things, it would be natural to read the inherence relation as closely related to, if not identical to, predication.