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1. Capable of being inherited: inheritable traits; inheritable property.
2. Having the right to inherit or the capability of inheriting: an inheritable heir.

in·her′it·a·bil′i·ty n.
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in eugenics nor that the inheritability of criminal traits follows
Essentially, a high degree of inheritability of talent increases the intra-generational correlation between talent and wealth.
There exists strong evidence presented in family, twin, and adoption studies to support the inheritability of schizophrenia.
In particular, incorrect information about the causes and inheritability of epilepsy increase the stigma and make the lives of PWE more difficult [12].
same privileges, such as assignably and inheritability, as other
104) The inheritability and perceived immutability of genetic information provided a popular point of comparison.
Only a small proportion of the inheritability of CAD has been explained," said Heribert Schunkert, M.
Evidence of inheritability of sleep apnea proneness.