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Comparison of preovulatory follicular concentrations of epidermal growth factor, insulin-like growth factor-I, and inhibins A and B in women undergoing assisted conception treatment with gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists and GnRH antagonists.
Dimeric inhibins in girls from birth to adulthood: relationship with age, pubertal stage, FSH and oestradiol.
In the first part of this volume the basic concepts of transforming growth factor [Beta], or TGF[Beta], signaling in normal physiology and cancer pathobiology are described in 32 chapters, with topics that include TGF[Beta] availability, regulators of Smad activity by phosphorylation, activins and inhibins in cancer progression, and uterine sensitization associated Gene-1.
Source of circulating levels of inhibin A, pro [alpha] C-containing inhibins and activin A in early pregnancy.
Inhibins are glycoprotein hormones secreted by the ovaries in nonpregnant women and by the placenta.
During her time there, Gill conducted research - culminating in a PhD - into the group of hormones known as inhibins.
stated, "The acquisition of OBI positions DSL as the exclusive global provider of diagnostic tests for the measurement of Inhibins and Activins.
Among the other topics are activins and inhibins, agonists and antagonists of the TGF-BEta family ligands, regulation of the Smad pathway by signaling cross-talk, and BMP-based therapeutics and the BMP signaling pathways.
Potential local regulatory functions of inhibins, activins and follistatin in the ovary.
The inhibins are peptides, mainly of gonadal origin, that suppress FSH production.
Inhibins are heterodimeric protein hormones that suppress the secretion of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) from the pituitary.
This assay has been used to characterize inhibins in fractionated human follicular fluid and serum from healthy men and women (9,10), and showed a specificity similar to the RIA in detecting the various inhibin forms.