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tr.v. in·hib·it·ed, in·hib·it·ing, in·hib·its
a. To hold back; restrain: barricades that inhibited the movement of the crowd; a lack of knowledge that inhibited his inclination to ask questions. See Synonyms at restrain.
b. To cause (a person) to behave in a restrained or self-conscious way: He felt inhibited by the presence of so many famous people.
c. Psychology To suppress or restrain (behavior, an impulse, or a desire) consciously or unconsciously.
a. Chemistry To prevent or decrease the rate of (a reaction).
b. Biology To decrease, limit, or block the action or function of (an enzyme or organ, for example).
3. To prohibit (an ecclesiastic) from performing clerical duties.

[Middle English inhibiten, to forbid, from Latin inhibēre, inhibit-, to restrain, forbid : in-, in; see in-2 + habēre, to hold; see ghabh- in Indo-European roots.]

in·hib′it·a·ble adj.
in·hib′i·tive, in·hib′i·to′ry (-tôr′ē) adj.
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Adj.1.inhibitory - restrictive of action; "a repressive regime"; "an overly strict and inhibiting discipline"
restrictive - serving to restrict; "teenagers eager to escape restrictive home environments"


[ɪnˈhɪbɪtərɪ] ADJinhibitorio


adj (Psych) → hemmend; (Physiol also) → behindernd
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The in vitro study showed an inhibitory effect of MRD on [alpha]-glucosidase, and we therefore examined if it could exert this inhibitory effect on an elevated postprandial glucose level in rats fed a high-maltose diet.
The standard, says Paul Tulkens, a professor of pharmacology at Catholic University in Louvain, Belgium, is for manufacturers to create antibiotics that achieve a minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), the amount of antibiotic required to inhibit growth of--but not necessarily kill--a given bacterium in vitro.
Its inhibitory action could explain two earlier observations.
London, January 31 ( ANI ): Scientists have found an early step in how the brain's inhibitory cells get excited.
The growth inhibitory and proapoptotic effects were enhanced by the daily addition of the EtOH extract and the anthocyanins to the medium.
The xanthine oxidase (XOD) inhibitory activity and anti-hyperuricemia affect in mice of Cinnamomum osmophloeum, which is an endemic tree in Taiwan, were evaluated in this study.
Milk protein-derived peptides with angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory activity can reduce blood pressure in hypertensive subjects.
The team also measured the amount of iodine excreted into the urine; they will describe those results in a separate report and evaluate the extent to which iodine nutrition affects the inhibitory response at a given dose of perchlorate.
The researchers caution, however, that spinal cord myelin contains several inhibitory molecules.
Katz and his scientific team reasoned that n-docosanol could have inhibitory activity against a broad range of viruses, much broader than previously studied anti-viral drugs which generally exert activity against one single virus type.
The results showed that the firing of two distinct types of inhibitory neurons, known as somatostatin (SOM) and parvalbumin (PV) neurons, has a strong correlation with the start and end of a period of foraging behavior.
In this study, we examined the inhibitory potential of extract of G.