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A privately owned parcel of land within the boundaries of a federal preserve, especially within a national park or national seashore.

in′hold′er n.


(Law) property law a piece of privately owned land inside a federal reserve such as a national park


(ˈɪnˌhoʊl dɪŋ)

a tract of land under private ownership within a national park.
[1970–75; Amer.]
in′hold`er, n.
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The grant is for the acquisition of the 13-acre Blueberry Hill tract, which borders Beaman Park and is a critical inholding for the park.
The first buyer of the twelve-acre mansion parcel sold the inholding to a wealthy businessman after a fire destroyed much of the main building.
Some of these inholding tracts provide exclusive access to vast areas of National Forest land, and in this context, the transmission lines may be an insignificant consideration.
Because most of the internal roads are closed due to flooding except the main road that connects the 1-15 to the 1-40, we find ourselves driving the long way around the outside of the preserve to get to Mitchell Caverns, a state park inholding.
When they refused to leave their private inholding in the Siskiyou National Forest, firefighters gave them emergency shelters that they could retreat to if the buildings caught fire.
There are reportedly 600 of these enormous animals in Yellowstone and the adjoining Gallatin National Forest, which surrounds this inholding.
Santa Rosa Island was a private inholding within the boundaries of Channel Islands National Park until it was purchased from a willing seller in 1986.
2d 806 (111 1956), the court had no reluctance inholding that a tenant had breached the lease where the lease required the premises to be used for a clearly stated purpose.
With abundant elk for hunting, stocked ponds for fishing, the nation's most beautiful horse arena, and thousands of acres of public land surrounding this inholding property, Peace Ranch is one of the top recreational properties in the West," said Latousek.
87) For instance, in 1989, Tom Chapman bought a 240 acre inholding in the Gunnison National Forest, a world-renowned hurting area in western Colorado, for $1,000 per acre.
Even the refuge isn't immune: a residential subdivision has been approved on a private inholding.
8 acre private inholding inside Glacier National Park along McDonald Creek near Lake McDonald.