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 (ĭn-hō′mə-jə-nē′ĭ-tē, -nā′-, hŏm′ə-)
n. pl. in·ho·mo·ge·ne·i·ties
1. Lack of homogeneity.
2. Something that is not homogeneous or uniform.

in·ho′mo·ge′ne·ous (-jē′nē-əs, -jēn′yəs) adj.


(ɪnˌhoʊ mə dʒəˈni ɪ ti, -ˌhɒm ə-)

n., pl. -ties.
1. lack of homogeneity.
2. something that is not homogeneous.
in•ho`mo•ge′ne•ous (-ˈdʒi ni əs) adj.
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Noun1.inhomogeneity - the quality of being inhomogeneous
unregularity, irregularity - not characterized by a fixed principle or rate; at irregular intervals
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There are techniques under development to correct for these inhomogeneities, such as dielectric pads (8) and transmit parallel imaging, (9,10) but no results have been published to date that specifically apply to breast imaging.
They aim to provide a framework for the description of moving discontinuities in solids and its implementation in a finite-volume numerical algorithm, and describe material inhomogeneities in thermodynamics, local phase equilibrium and jump relations at moving discontinuities, linear thermoelasticity, wave propagation in inhomogeneous solids, macroscopic dynamics of phase-transition fronts, two-dimensional elastic waves in inhomogeneous media, two-dimensional waves in functionally graded materials, phase transition fronts in two dimensions and the dynamics of a straight brittle crack.
Guinier's law was used to investigate the deformation process and relate the radii of gyration of optical inhomogeneities to the extensional strain imparted.
Corresponding software was developed which provided remote monitoring of the scene and control of these robots according to the created technology of overcoming inhomogeneities and delays in communication channels.
The effects of damping of inhomogeneities (nanofibers) in the behavior of mechanical structures made of these inhomogeneties were studied.
In the FEM solutions it is possible to account the inhomogeneities, but the solution scale is large since both the matrix and every inhomogeneity should be discretized.
To conclude, considering a realistic stochastic spectrum of inhomogeneities of primordial (inflationary) origin, I will show the magnitude and behaviour of such backreaction effects.
The main conclusions drawn from Shnoll's research was that the consistency of the "scattering of results" of measurements in a time series arise due to inhomogeneities in the "space-time continuum" [1,7].
In order to isolate the influence of the beam divergence on the elastic resolution one can consider a symmetrical spectrometer at the echo point with no field inhomogeneities such that [B.
The first is the simplicity and tractability of moment estimation procedures for the parameters of the location dependent thinning model whereas for other kind of inhomogeneities it is not clear what to do since the models are highly "nonlinear" in nature.