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Lacking pity or compassion.

in′hu·mane′ly adv.
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Adv.1.inhumanely - in an inhumane manner; "the prisoners of war were treated inhumanely"
humanely - in a humane manner; "let's treat the prisoners of war humanely"
بصورةٍ لا إنسانيَّه


[ˌɪnhjuːˈmeɪnlɪ] advinumanamente, disumanamente


(inhjuˈmein) adjective
unkind or cruel. inhumane treatment of prisoners-of-war.
ˌinhuˈmanely adverb
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I would like the government to test murdered badgers to show whether they were clear of carrying TB and if they suffered inhumanely for nothing.
He added to the Oireachtas committee on health and children: "Patients and their families were treated dreadfully and at times inhumanely.
THE dog that was inhumanely put down was the wrong thing to do.
KyGDER Chairwoman MenE-ure Yavuz said, "A civilized society with common sense can never remain silent about murders of women committed so brutally and inhumanely.
He further said that 40 PTI supporters were arrested yesterday night whereas two boys under the age of 16 were shackled and inhumanely for attending the sit-in.
Saudi prisoners in Al-Nasiriyah prison are being treated inhumanely," he said.
These are the reports that came out of the 'Gadhimai' Festival in Nepal in 2009, where an estimated quarter of a million farm animals were inhumanely slaughtered as part of the sacrifice festival.
She rejected the existence of any relation between the extremists who act so harshly and inhumanely with Islam which calls for the annihilation of all types of discrimination based on racism, sex, wealth and other differences among the mankind.
He observed right to human dignity is inviolable irrespective of the type of crime one commits and one should not be tortured or treated cruelly or inhumanely under any circumstances.
The dolphins are now on a truck to be transported inhumanely over 20 hours or more to be put in a condition even worse than that noted by the minister as being 'cruel and unacceptable'," said the charity.
Reform of the welfare system is necessary, but the work capability assessment drawn up by the DWP and administered quite inhumanely by Atos is simply not right.
There is no argument that the RSPCA may do good, sometimes, but to protect vermin while cattle, goats, sheep and fowl are, by their own admissions, inhumanely put to death beggars belief.