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tr.v. in·humed, in·hum·ing, in·humes
To place in a grave; bury.

[French inhumer, from Old French, from Latin inhumāre : in-, in; see in-2 + humus, earth; see dhghem- in Indo-European roots.]

in′hu·ma′tion n.
in·hum′er n.
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Adj.1.inhumed - placed in a grave; "the hastily buried corpses"
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It was, however, two years before poor Milligan ceased to complain that they had buried the leg in so narrow a box that it was straitened for room; he could feel the pain shooting up from the inhumed fragment into the living members.
Inhumed bones collected from the area of grave B include the remains of at least
The Rostelcom project needs some 2,000km of repeatered cable, with the entire system to be plough inhumed to a water depth of 1,700m.
For his part, Martyr Qassem Fahd Hatoum was buried in Radouf, while martyr Sheikh Mahdi Youssef Moqdad was inhumed in Rawdat al-Shahidayn in Ghobeiry, according to the news agency.
The people who attended the 45-minute long private ceremony gathered under a green awning, while the 40-year-old actor's ashes were inhumed at Hollywood's Forest Lawn Memorial Park, the Mirror reported.
and vacate the award and of damages on the Jandres' inhumed consent claim.
In the first instance, there is the establishment of village communities of a permanent nature, with cemeteries in which the dead were inhumed in an extended, supine position with mortuary offerings.
During the Iron Age the dead were always inhumed, but from around 550 BC, men of some stature at Aegae, judging by their accompanying funerary assemblages, were partially cremated alongside their belongings--often arms, armour and dress ornaments.
Lingering in the Placenta Garden, I try to absorb its tranquility and significance, but the idea of eight generations of inhumed afterbirth begins to break my heart.
The Beat" generation, Sanders reminds us, was actually scattered roomfuls of misfits inhumed within the great reach of a busy city amid a culture furiously pursuing postwar prosperity, a "generation" whose deep pursuit of shattering ecstasies could not riffle the larger culture.
According to their work, the grave contained inhumed remains of at least 11 individuals, including three adult females, three adult males and five children aged from 2 to 13 years.