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n.1.(Zool.) A South American freshwater dolphin (Inia Boliviensis). It is ten or twelve feet long, and has a hairy snout.
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Elisapeti Inia showed a lot of interest in Taibobo chants and transliterated them in order to examine their Rotuman roots.
Las muestras de hoja y tallo correspondientes de una parcela por ciclo de pastoreo por repeticion se enviaron al Laboratorio de Nutricion Animal de INIA La Estanzuela para la determinacion de proteina cruda (PC), fibra detergente acido (FDA), fibra detergente neutra (FDN), cenizas (C), y lignina (L).
Inia Seruiratu, the top official for the northern region, told Fiji commercial radio that an aerial inspection of the northern island of Cikobia had revealed widespread damage to vegetation, buildings and infrastructure.
1) GeneNetwork is sponsored by different grants, including grants from INIA and a Human Brain Project funded jointly by NIAAA, the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the National Institute of Mental Health.
The original FogScreen is called the Inia, a stand-alone, 2-meter-wide screen.
In the enriched serum pool, INIA concentrations decreased, whereas lactate increased, with negative mean differences of -9% at a lactic acid concentration of 5 mmol/L and -25% at the maximum concentration of 11 mmol/L (Fig.
Three times in recent years Inia have won an overseas Test only to lose the next match in the series.
The letter says: "We took this money off a guy coming from NY to Miami on Amtrak about two weeks after returning from SKY NARC [an INIA training session] in Anaheim.
Eagle Rock's Inia Boko returned an interception 44 yards to the Tigers' 18-yard line in the second quarter.
Inia community, under whose jurisdiction Lara beach falls, cannot afford the cleanup without state support, its leader Yiangos Tsirikos had said.
Las muestras de materia seca (general) y de las fracciones graminea y leguminosa se enviaron al Laboratorio de Nutricion Animal de INIA al inicio y fin del experimento para determinacion de digestibilidad de la materia organica (DMO), proteina cruda (PC), fibra detergente neutro (FDN), fibra detergente acida (FDA) y cenizas (C).
is a recipient of a 'Contrato de Investigacion para Doctores' grant from INIA.