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1. A blotted pattern of spilled ink.
2. A pattern resembling an inkblot that is used in Rorschach tests.


(Psychology) psychol an abstract patch of ink, one of ten commonly used in the Rorschach test


a blot of ink, esp. one forming an irregular pattern and used in an inkblot test.
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Noun1.inkblot - a blot made with inkinkblot - a blot made with ink      
blot, smirch, smudge, daub, slur, smear, spot - a blemish made by dirt; "he had a smudge on his cheek"
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In Congressional District 33, an inkblot of a district that straddles the Tarrant-Dallas county line, the plaintiffs said the state packed black voters into another district and denied them more say in the new seat.
The score of W for a response to the inkblot land masses and archipelagos on any Rorschach test card indicates that the person can integrate the scattered blotches into a meaningful whole.
Net-neutrality is like an inkblot into which people project their fears and hopes.
Walton traced an outline of each of Christine's feet, took specific measurements and made an inkblot image of each foot.
The physicist abstracts from the semantic properties of the inkblot and considers only the physical properties.
From this perspective, the debate about what happened to the Japanese VLCC (very large crude carrier) was an inkblot test for maritime security experts: They saw what they expected to see.
Each T-shirt has an inkblot on it and the words what do YOU see?
From above, the desiccated remains of California's Owens Lake--an environmental disaster brought about during a botched water diversion project--have the eeriness of an inkblot mixed with blood.
But we had enough of an inkblot on our treasure map to know that we could be just minutes from the largest coastal redwood in the United States, known to some as the Lost Monarch Tree.
An Inkblot for Attitudes: Affect Misattribution as Implicit Measurement.
His portrait of Folies Bergre performer Loe Fuller is a case in point - a gold dress that appears almost as an inkblot conveying her unique whirling performance that would have been reflected in a series of mirrors surrounding the stage.
The Tate Liverpool was hosting two main exhibits when we visited, murals which almost looked like giant Rorschach inkblot tests (those blurry images psychiatrists use which often look like butterflies).