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1. A device or machine that applies ink.
2. A person who operates or maintains a machine that applies ink.
3. An artist who applies black lines to a drawing or sketch, using pen and ink or a digital graphics program.
4. Informal A tattoo artist.
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Writer - Tony Bedard Penciler - Tom Derenick Inker - Trevor Scott Colorist - Hi-Fi Cover - Tom Grummett
INKER William (Billy) Fondest memories of a beloved brother to Percy, brother-in-law to Pat and uncle to Gary.
He started as an inker on Alien Legion and Art Adams' Longshot in 1984 before launching his career as a penciler.
Karen Inker, from Newport, who was attending her first concert at Chepstow with three friends, told the newspaper she would not be returning after witnessing brawls.
Joyce Carlson (Imagineering and Animation), a Studio inker who went on to
The campaign to mark his achievement and that of the team began in 2008 when Bluebirds fanatic Mike Inker, a member of the Supporters' Trust, set up an online petition calling for the imbalance that has seen rugby legends Gareth Edwards and Sir Tasker Watkins honoured with statues in Cardiff, while Fred Keenor was overlooked, corrected.
Mike Inker, who has been with the society for 13 years, said he had never known audiences like it.
COM DEV is a pioneer in the space and telecommunications systems industry and we intend to maintain our leadership position through technical and process innovations," explained Craig Inker, Manager of Design Automation for Cambridge, Ontario-based COM DEV.
Mike Inker, a member of the Supporters' Trust Fred Keenor memorial committee, said: "I've always felt a little embarrassed that nothing had been erected after more than 80 years to honour the 1927 FA Cup winning team and the legend that is Fred Keenor.
Mike Inker, of the dramatic society, who plays the boatswain, the other half of the comedy double act with the mate, said: "She decided to give it a whirl and between 6pm and 7.
Mike Inker, a member of the Trust's Fred Keenor Memorial Committee, who originally launched an online petition in support of a tribute, said that the trust was giving fans the chance to vote online because of the many thousands of Bluebirds living across the world as well as in the UK.
Society spokesman Mike Inker said: "It's really great that Louise and Chris get to do the production together for a second time.