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1. A colored linen tape woven on a simple narrow loom and used for trimmings.
2. The yarn or thread used in making this tape.

[Origin unknown.]


1. (Textiles) a kind of linen tape used for trimmings
2. (Textiles) the thread or yarn from which this tape is woven
[C16: of unknown origin]


(ˈɪŋ kəl)

1. a linen tape used for trimmings.
2. the linen thread or yarn from which this tape is made.
[1535–45; orig. uncertain]


, inkling - To inkle is to communicate in an undertone or whisper, to give a hint of something, which gives us inkling.
See also related terms for hint.
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Noun1.inkle - a linen tape used for trimming as a decoration
tape - a long thin piece of cloth or paper as used for binding or fastening; "he used a piece of tape for a belt"; "he wrapped a tape around the package"
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He had read some novels from the adjoining circulating library, and had even bought the story of Inkle and Yarico, which had made him feel very sorry for poor Mr.
Astley takes much of the situation and plot, leavens it with a few episodes from Colman's Inkle and Yarico (another Haymarket mainstay from the late 1780s which was staged repeatedly at the Lyceum during the time of Kongo Kolo's production), and generates a melodrama that is by turns abolitionist and deeply ethnocentric.
The recipient for Excellence in Narrative was awarded to 80 Days, an extraordinary, strategic exploration game from inkle that challenges players to traverse the globe in a race against the clock and other opponents.
Weekend classes still open in January include Inkle Loom Weaving, today; Bounce Your Wool into a Felt Vessel, Jan.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-May 16, 2014-80 days gaming app released by Inkle and Profile Books
There will be a workshop on needle felting, Japanese marudai braiding and inkle weaving.
Chapter Two, "The Expanding Frontiers of Prose," concentrates principally on Richard Steele's 1711 account of the tale of Yariko and Inkle in The Spectator and Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe.
Deep clerks she dumbs, and with needle composes Nature's own shape, of bud, bird, branch, or berry, That even her art sisters the natural roses; Her inkle, silk, twin with the rubied cherry, That pupils lacks she none of noble race, Who pour their bounty on her.
Pillow lace-making and weaving on an Inkle Loom, embroidery, tatting, cross-stitch, and knitting are other activities at the craft class.
Classes offered: natural dyeing, jointed needle felting, spinning with beads, Norweigian designing and felting Origami bags, inkle loom weaving, twined rag rugs, bobbin lace, counterpane knitting, antique sock machine knitting, beginning knitting, spinning classes, and more.
Seven-year-old Thomas Williams learns to spin wool using an Inkle braid weaver as he watches his mother Ann Mae using the Quebec wheel in January 1989' Left: Joyce Jones was famous for spinning behind her wheel dressed in traditional Welsh costume at Caernarfon Castle.
Here nee'le is an elided form of "needle" and inkle is linen tape or thread.