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A small reservoir for ink. Also called inkstand.


a small container for pen ink, often let into the surface of a desk



a small container for ink.
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Noun1.inkwell - a small well holding writing ink into which a pen can be dippedinkwell - a small well holding writing ink into which a pen can be dipped
well - a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid
وَعاء الحِبْر


[ˈɪŋkwel] Ntintero m


[ˈɪŋkwɛl] nencrier m


[ˈɪŋkˌwɛl] ncalamaio


(iŋk) noun
a black or coloured liquid used in writing, printing etc. Please sign your name in ink rather than pencil; I spilt red ink all over my dress.
ˈinky adjective
1. covered with ink. inky fingers; Don't touch that wall – your hands are inky.
2. like ink; black or very dark. inky blackness.
ˈinkpot, ˈinkwell nouns
a small pot for ink.
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The why and the wherefore of that scorpion--how it got on board and came to select his room rather than the pantry (which was a dark place and more what a scorpion would be partial to), and how on earth it managed to drown itself in the inkwell of his writing desk--had exercised him infinitely.
Around him all was darkness, a darkness so deep and so black that for a moment he thought he had put his head into an inkwell.
Silver Inkwell Award winners will be announced Thursday, September 18, 2003 at the Silver Inkwell Gala Celebration at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.
The company was listed as one of the largest interactive firms in 2004 by the Washington Business Journal's Book of Lists and was the winner of the International Association of Business Communicators-Washington's 2004 Silver Inkwell for Web Design.
The Inkwell Rhythm Makers are not a jug band because they don't have a jug," a news release says.
Silver Inkwell Awards Recognize Washington's Communication Home Runs
Dressekie hints that two businesses - employing 150 people between them - may occupy some of the 32,000squarefeet in The Inkwell when it is finished in the fall.
Model UP 450 semi-automatic machine has covered inkwell.
Galle inkwell, cone shape, gray, yellow, red overlaid blossoms, cameo glass, circa 1900, 3 inches: $620.
Recent JDG marketing industry awards for government communication excellence include 2005 Silver Inkwell Awards from the Washington, DC chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) for the U.
The local talent on the bill includes Zybach's new outfit, the Blues Scoundrels, finger-style guitarist Mary Flower, popular local bluesman Eagle Park Slim and the Inkwell Rhythm Makers.
WASHINGTON, May 12 /PRNewswire/ -- The International Association of Business Communicators Washington, DC chapter (IABC/Washington) is announcing a Call for Entries for its annual Silver Inkwell awards competition.