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A small reservoir for ink. Also called inkstand.


a small container for pen ink, often let into the surface of a desk



a small container for ink.
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Noun1.inkwell - a small well holding writing ink into which a pen can be dippedinkwell - a small well holding writing ink into which a pen can be dipped
well - a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid
وَعاء الحِبْر


[ˈɪŋkwel] Ntintero m


[ˈɪŋkwɛl] nencrier m


[ˈɪŋkˌwɛl] ncalamaio


(iŋk) noun
a black or coloured liquid used in writing, printing etc. Please sign your name in ink rather than pencil; I spilt red ink all over my dress.
ˈinky adjective
1. covered with ink. inky fingers; Don't touch that wall – your hands are inky.
2. like ink; black or very dark. inky blackness.
ˈinkpot, ˈinkwell nouns
a small pot for ink.
References in classic literature ?
Around him all was darkness, a darkness so deep and so black that for a moment he thought he had put his head into an inkwell.
The why and the wherefore of that scorpion--how it got on board and came to select his room rather than the pantry (which was a dark place and more what a scorpion would be partial to), and how on earth it managed to drown itself in the inkwell of his writing desk--had exercised him infinitely.
We wanted to provide the usability experience of our flow-through pens while delivering the exciting formulas offered by inkwell bottles.
The author covers FleischerAEs formative years, the beginning of his career, his work with Inkwell Studio, the founding of Fleischer Studios, Betty Boop cartoons, Popeye cartoons, and a wide variety of other related subjects over the course of the bookAEs seventeen chapters.
by legendary human rights activist Frederick Douglass taking place at the historic Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs on Monday, July 4 at 12:00noon.
Picket, president of Gotham Organization, said, "With the completion of our recent project, Gotham West, we have a clear understanding of the neighborhood and marketplace and expect Inkwell to set the standard for high-design and an unparalleled living experience.
And donations are also going to the BHF and Inkwell in Leeds.
She earned her MFA in creative writing from Manhattanville College, where she was editor-in-chief of Inkwell.
The death of both quill pens and the inkwell followed shortly after the appearance of the fountain pen, first mass-produced by Waterman in 1884, but inkwells have a history stretching much further back.
But broadcasters were able to shrug off the loss and dip into the black inkwell.
The size of an ink pen must coordinated, meaning that for the dust stylus, writing and headings the size of inkwell should be both small and proportional to them so that can picked up and use the desired stylus and As noted above, for each pen must be double inkwell prepared until it becomes dark and makes Tahrir difficult, pour distilled water in it and put on a side and can use from the second inkwell that its concentration of ink is became proportional.
Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy at Crescent Village has opened at 2911 Tennyson Ave, Suite 204, in the Inkwell Building.