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A small reservoir for ink. Also called inkstand.


a small container for pen ink, often let into the surface of a desk



a small container for ink.
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Noun1.inkwell - a small well holding writing ink into which a pen can be dippedinkwell - a small well holding writing ink into which a pen can be dipped
well - a cavity or vessel used to contain liquid
وَعاء الحِبْر


[ˈɪŋkwel] Ntintero m


[ˈɪŋkwɛl] nencrier m


[ˈɪŋkˌwɛl] ncalamaio


(iŋk) noun
a black or coloured liquid used in writing, printing etc. Please sign your name in ink rather than pencil; I spilt red ink all over my dress.
ˈinky adjective
1. covered with ink. inky fingers; Don't touch that wall – your hands are inky.
2. like ink; black or very dark. inky blackness.
ˈinkpot, ˈinkwell nouns
a small pot for ink.
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The why and the wherefore of that scorpion--how it got on board and came to select his room rather than the pantry (which was a dark place and more what a scorpion would be partial to), and how on earth it managed to drown itself in the inkwell of his writing desk--had exercised him infinitely.
Around him all was darkness, a darkness so deep and so black that for a moment he thought he had put his head into an inkwell.
I think it's the tangible link fountain pens, so-called eversharp pencils, inkwells and the other accoutrements of a bygone age conjure up to the individuals who used them.
Replacement of the 3 producers Duct 1, 2 and 3 also called logs inkwells
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Iceland 9 Ocean 10 Eland 11 Settled 12 Ski 13 Driveway 16 Inkwells 17 Roe 19 Stiffen 21 Madam 22 Extol 23 Surgeon DOWN: 1 Finesse 2 Legation 3 Hand 4 Fortress 5 Real 6 Snide 8 Disciplines 13 Downfall 14 Abridged 15 Germany 18 Islet 20 Iota 21 More QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Pillow fight 8 Doc 9 Are 1 Elevate 12 Ad-lib 13 Cod 14 Loo 15 Sizzled 17 Rot 19 Ally 21Wage 23 Tuna 25 Fool 27 Yes 29 Invader 31 Emu 34 See 36 Loner 37 Receive 38 Dad 39 Del 40 Nosey parker DOWN: 1 Polo 2 Iced 3 Leading 4Wheeze 5 Image 6 Hall 7 Trio 8 Decor 10 Ebony 16 Dan 18 Two 20 Lay 22 Ali 24 Used car 25 Field 26 Pair up 28 Steel 30 Nerve 32 Moan 33 Undo 34 Side 35 Ever
The British Museum actually holds two Hausa inkwells in its collections, both dated to the 20th century.
And to keep children entertained, the museum will be running its popular Step Back In Time workshop with the chance to write with a dip pen using old fashioned inkwells and have a go at pounds, shilling and pence arithmetic, fill in a replica evacuee label and identity card.
According to the auction house, the desk is inscribed with 'AH' and includes inkwells and the Nazi crest of an eagle and swastika.
Hidden just out of sight as you drive along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, the Inkwells (pictured) feel like a warm-weather revelation--two perfect pools among the redwoods and madrones near Samuel P.
Internees gathered scrap wood, metal, and other oddments to create the inkwells, chairs, jewelry, and sketches showcased in The Art of Gaman (roughly "suffering with dignity") at the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.
THE Northern Pen Show, sponsored by ABC Lloyd vintage pens and inkwells of Kendal, Cumbria, is at the Clifton Arms Hotel, West Beach, Lytham, from 9.
At my secondary school I was an ink monitor, an arduous task which involved filling crock inkwells which were inlaid into desk margins.