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Having numerous coil springs enclosed by a padded cover: an innerspring mattress.


(of a mattress) having coil springs inside a padded casing


(ˈɪn ərˌsprɪŋ)

having a large number of enclosed coil springs within an overall padding, as a mattress.
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Some of the innerspring and hybrid models offer the exclusive iFlex Hybrid Quilt (patent pending) that features 2,000-plus micro coils integrated into the quilt, providing extra support, durability and breathability.
Amelco Industries Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of raw materials and machinery for the manufacture of innerspring mattresses in the south-eastern Mediterranean and Middle East area.
The two principle sorts of mattresses are customary innerspring and memory foam.
These air adjustable beds are specialty beds used by consumers who prefer individualised comfort from an adjustable firmness air-inflated mattress as compared to an innerspring or foam mattress.
The collection includes "Bon Vivant" and "Chronicle" mattresses and a new grade called Optimus, a pillow top design mattress with posture spiral innerspring technology that provides as much as 80 per cent more support than single coil designs is also added to the collection.
8226; Alenya Loveseat- The loveseat features an easy-to-lift mechanism and an innerspring mattress.
Many mattresses, even innerspring models, include latex-based foam layers that might concern those with latex allergies.
The mattress for the fixed height models (1200, 1700, 2200 and 2700) is a fire retardant mattress with an anti-bacterial, water resistant and low shear cover with pressure reducing foam (twin and extended twin) or an innerspring (full).
The SuperEdge Plus technology with high-density foam surrounds the perimeter of the ComfortCare's innerspring, giving 100% sleep surface and enhanced edge support without breaking down over time.
2 Serta's Perfect Day mattresses include the FreeFlex 3-D innerspring system composed of hundreds of individually wrapped PillowSoft coils.
ECO-NOMICAL (RELATIVELY SPEAKING) Organic cotton and PureGrwo Wool innerspring mattress by Vivetique ($1,376 queen; greenfusiondesigncenter.
ITC Votes to Continue Investigations of Imports of Uncovered Mattress Innerspring Units