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Marked by innovation or given to making innovations.

in′no·va′tive·ness n.


the quality of being innovative
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Noun1.innovativeness - originality by virtue of introducing new ideas
originality - the ability to think and act independently


The quality of being novel:
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Many researchers have identified various leadership techniques that promote innovativeness (Muceldili, Turan, & Erdil, 2013; Pucetaite, 2014; Yildiz, Basturk, & Boz, 2014).
Emerging markets firms are tardy regarding innovativeness and international orientation.
Over the years some important dimensions of corporate entrepreneurship have been identified, which includes innovativeness, proactiveness, risk-taking, competitive aggressiveness and autonomy and self-renewal (Zahra and Garvis 2000; Lumpkin and Dess 1996; Covin and Miles 1999; Pittaway 2001).
In the changing world, the most important characteristic that all sectors and organizations need and require in individuals is innovativeness.
So far, the innovativeness of MEs and its components that affect growth have been neglected, especially the ones that focuses on understanding the fine-grained issues pertaining to the psychological factors that affect innovativeness among ME entrepreneurs.
How Organizational Trust Affects the Market Position: The mediating Role of Innovativeness and operational Efficiency.
Innovation is measured by number of innovations and perceived innovativeness.
Four Aklanon personnel from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) here were recently recognized for their industriousness, creativity and innovativeness and were conferred awards under the Perfomance Incentive for Service and Novelty (PISAN), DILG 6 own awards system.
It presents a way for the candidate to show their innovativeness in linking the job requirements the potential employer stated with all of the results statements which follow.
2013) recently underlined the importance of innovativeness as a competitive priority for small manufacturers, which often compete on unique capabilities rather than on cost.
Why do employees engage in innovative behavior In an attempt of finding the answer, this study investigates the impact of expected positive performance outcomes on innovative behavior where these outcome expectations are shaped by antecedent variables namely innovativeness as job requirement and reputation as an innovative person.
In a welcome note, Dr Issa Bastaki, President of UD, described the dynamism and innovativeness of the UAE's rulers, which have led Dubai and the UAE to unprecedented levels of progress.

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