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 (ĭ-no͞o′mər-ĭt, ĭ-nyo͞o′-)
Unfamiliar with mathematical concepts and methods.
A person who is unfamiliar with mathematical concepts and methods.

in·nu′mer·a·cy n.


nNicht-Rechnen-Können nt
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Iris Mack created Phatmath back in 2007 to help combat innumeracy - the mathematical equivalent of illiteracy.
Primary school boost The Lib Dems plan to extend free school meals to all primary pupils as well as ending illiteracy and innumeracy by 2025, with action in nurseries to get all fouryear-olds ready for school by 2020.
THE BBC Wales Week In, Week Out programme to be broadcast tonight bears testimony to the shocking challenge Wales is confronted with: the scourge of illiteracy and innumeracy.
There is also a challenge with what is known as innumeracy, the struggle many people have understanding numbers, particularly probabilities.
e schools project will aim to abolish illiteracy and innumeracy at primary schools and increase the number of young people going to top universities and advanced apprenticeships.
Today, large swaths of the landscape appear to be ruled by innumeracy or delusion - by myth.
In addition to displaying an economic incompetence that borders on innumeracy, these matters also raise questions about honesty and judgement.
Most of them are afflicted by such an extreme case of innumeracy, leading them into flights of exaggeration in which every death or untoward action becomes catastrophic, as to render their commentary meaningless, even malevolent.
Women issues such as engendering the budget, women illiteracy, and innumeracy, girls' education, issues related to the reduction of run-away astronomical numbers in maternal mortality rates, enactment of laws to prohibit and criminalise all forms of female genital mutilation (FGM) were completely ignored, by the NCP and SPLM women in parliament.
29) Whether these supplementary finances will soon materialize is doubtful, but ISAF and NATO can make meaningful progress toward overall economic development by continuing to combat illiteracy and innumeracy, promoting the recruitment of national minorities within the ANSF, and imparting more dual-use technical skills that have civilian application, including project and logistics management.
Because innumeracy in today's world deprives students of opportunity as well as competence in everyday tasks, it is vital that students understand the mathematics they're learning (p.
Illiteracy and innumeracy rates are high, and repressive social values are embedded in the culture.