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 (ĭ-no͞o′mər-ĭt, ĭ-nyo͞o′-)
Unfamiliar with mathematical concepts and methods.
A person who is unfamiliar with mathematical concepts and methods.

in·nu′mer·a·cy n.


nNicht-Rechnen-Können nt
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Additionally, in an attempt to reduce any innumeracy problems, the other half of the respondents were given sliding scales.
Requiring vendors to disclose to employers their non-adherence to clinical guidelines would help address the industry's innumeracy, ethical lapses, and data falsification, as such disclosures would make employers more likely to question the vendors' highly controversial claims that their programs lead to health improvement and savings.
From what I have observed, innumeracy is rampant in medicine.
Furthermore, international studies have documented high levels of innumeracy in the United States relative to other developed countries (OECD 2013), suggesting that many individuals may lack the numeric abilities needed to navigate a complex insurance market.
Taken as "an inability to cope with common quantitative tasks," innumeracy and its consequences were presumed to be "magnified by the very insecurity that it creates" (Steen, 1990, p.
But he also suggested changes were needed to the way maths was taught to reduce the "incredible" levels of innumeracy among British adults.
The 11 year olds will be tested in new computerbased exams from next year, as part of the UK government's "war on innumeracy and illiteracy".
Pupils will be tested against the clock in new computer-based exams from next year, as part of the Conservative "war on innumeracy and illiteracy".
New tests will examine multiplication skills in every 11-yearold as part of the Government's "war on innumeracy and illiteracy", the Department for Education (DfE) said.
Plans for the tests, unveiled by Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, are part of the government's "war on innumeracy and illiteracy.
5) The innumeracy of the duped investors is astounding.
Primary school boost The Lib Dems plan to extend free school meals to all primary pupils as well as ending illiteracy and innumeracy by 2025, with action in nurseries to get all fouryear-olds ready for school by 2020.