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[From Latin innumerus : in-, not; see in-1 + numerus, number; see number.]
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Adj.1.innumerous - too numerous to be countedinnumerous - too numerous to be counted; "incalculable riches"; "countless hours"; "an infinite number of reasons"; "innumerable difficulties"; "the multitudinous seas"; "myriad stars"; "untold thousands"
incalculable - not capable of being computed or enumerated
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This is the loan you have taken from the planet Earth and when it's time you must give it back consciously and with dignity, and not in a hospital with innumerous tubes sticking to your body.
Arjun Mahatta, the fourth generation, says he has heard innumerous stories from his father and grandfather.
In this proprietary system, biopsies are treated, in-vitro, with innumerous plant extract combinations and the antitumor effects are screened and calculated.
The critics that scratch the surface of Erdoy-an and Davutoy-lu's texts have shown us that this couple does not believe in a single human civilization, but think that there exists an alleged Muslim civilization that is ontologically different from the Western one, arbitrarily disregarding the innumerous common points and cherry-picking only the differences that can easily be interpreted as signs of diversity within the same civilization.
Replying to a question, the minister clarified that Pakistan Army has been carrying out operation against terrorists sans any discrimination, adding that the forces have given innumerous sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.
He said our armed forces are giving innumerous sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.
Allegations that Israel is using sensitive personal information or health problems to coerce Palestinians to cooperate with the Shin Bet (General Security Service) have been documented on innumerous occasions.
19) Believing them to be stakeholders with a vested interest in the struggle for civil rights, Robinson acknowledged the innumerous efforts of those African Americans who contributed cash offerings, volunteered their time, and lent their expertise.
The doctors admitted Gavai for a surgery on July 22 and during the six-hour-long operation, they were shocked to see innumerous mustard seed-to-rock-sized teeth bulging out of a cyst- like formation.
Thus the university has truly emerged as the leading provider for higher education in the country with it serving the platform for molding innumerous bright professionals and entrepreneurs.
Despite these innumerous challenges few new women CSOs and CSO networks have emerged and are actively trying to address gender issues.
Rather, this commandment expresses a goal that demands lifelong faithfulness, as it is lived by innumerous couples already, but cannot be guaranteed.