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1. Lack of heed or attention; disregard.
2. Nonobservance, as of a law or custom.

in′ob·ser′vant adj.


1. heedlessness
2. (Law) lack of compliance with or adherence to a law, religious duty, etc
ˌinobˈservant adj
ˌinobˈservantly adv
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It is necessary to toughen order in mining sector as it suffers from inobservance of a law, Director of the State Agency for Geology and Mineral Resources of Kyrgyzstan Duishenbek Zilaliyev commented suspension of 35 licenses of companies for failure to submit reports for 2013 and program for mining development in 2014.
Frequently, the zone of such intersections represents inobservance of horizontal marking requirements where inadmissible manoeuvres are made within the intersection zone (overtaking, increase of turning radii when entering or exiting the minor road) (Levinson et al.
D'autres etudes sur le rapport entre medias et inobservance seraient donc souhaitables.
He also ordered that the judicial process be sped along for the many others awaiting action, and that measures be taken to put an end to the "complaints brought against the inobservance of due guarantees [of rights] to the detainees.