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a. Involving neither organic life nor the products of organic life.
b. Not composed of organic matter.
2. Chemistry Of or relating to compounds not containing hydrocarbon groups or derivatives.
3. Not arising in normal growth; artificial.
4. Lacking system or structure.

in′or·gan′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.inorganically - not involving carbon compounds; "inorganically bound molecules"
organically - involving carbon compounds; "organically bound iodine"
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Says Mehta, "We hope to impress potential funding partners to provide necessary impetus to organically as well as inorganically grow our digital footprint and duly acknowledge EDI's role through this Empresario Event at promoting Entrepreneurs and Startups like ours.
Today, with the acquisition of the carved-out assets and liabilities of Chase Bank we have the opportunity to grow inorganically.
Agthia, an Abu Dhabi-based food and beverage group, aims to grow both organically and inorganically and aims to close 2018 with at least one acquisition, with a strong focus on the Saudi market, its chief executive officer said in an interview on Sunday.
Fitch views BCI's risk appetite as high given its willingness to grow organically and inorganically at a somewhat faster pace in recent years.
HealthStream first entered the PX business in 2005 when it acquired Data Management & Research Company and has grown the business both organically and inorganically since that time.
Hana Financial plans to continue the growth of its factoring and asset based lending businesses, both organically and inorganically.
We must urgently build our workforce both organically and inorganically.
Several high-powered panels with top advisors growing inorganically via M&As, along with the top executives of the aggregators and roll-up firms, provided helpful advice for firms thinking about a strategic move.
2) Generate no more than 20% of its growth inorganically (through acquisitions),
Nevertheless, I feel most of the growth will come inorganically from further acquisitions, if not of a bank perhaps portfolio or asset acquisitions.
We believe that Investcorp's track record of growing businesses will help Kee Safety embark on new opportunities of growth, both organically and inorganically," said Fahad Murad, Managing Director at Investcorp in Bahrain.
KPN is continuously growing its security services portfolio both organically and inorganically, most recently with the acquisition of DearBytes in January 2017.