Having the same electrical phase.


(General Physics) electrical in the same phase



adj. Elect.
having the same phase.
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InPhase Technologies, the world's leader in holographic data storage, announced today that it has demonstrated the highest data density of any commercial technology by recording 515 gigabits of data per square inch.
Moreover, the MSR algorithm outperformed the Luminance Based Multi Scale Retinex (LB_MSR) [40], Luminance (Y) Inphase (I) Quadrature (Q) MSR (YIQ_MSR) [41], and Non Linear Transformation (NTF) [42] techniques in terms of visual appearance, brightness, computational cost, Entropy, and PSNR values.
The Ua, Ub and Uc are the inphase unit vectors and the Wa, Wb and Wc are the quadrature unit vectors which are computed from instantaneous source voltage.
The Akonia Holographies (AH) team initially started in holographic data storage at InPhase, a spin out from Bell Laboratories, before forming AH and acquiring the assets and the entire patent portfolio from InPhase in 2012.
In the inphase state, all the three synthetic jets simultaneously operate in the suction and discharge stages, while in the out-of-phase state, the central jet has the [pi]-radian phase difference with respect to the two side jets such that, when the central jet operates at its highest discharge amplitude, two side jets are operating at the lowest suction amplitude, and vice versa.
The facility has been developed within the offices occupied by the Space affiliates - InPhase International and Retroscents.
pe dielectric measurements were performed on an automated system for recording inphase and quadrature component of current as a function of frequency.
Halpern, InPhase Transfer Catalysis Fundamentals, Applications and Industrial Perspectives, Chapman and Hall, New York, 1994.
i](t) is divided into two parts: the inphase part and quadrature part after propagation through the linear system.
The inphase and quadrature components are then fed to atan() block which is implemented using the CORDIC core of Xilinx core generator.
There are 2L inputs, including L inphase components and L quadrature ones, n hidden neurons and 2 outputs representing the PA's current baseband outputs.