Having the same electrical phase.


(General Physics) electrical in the same phase



adj. Elect.
having the same phase.
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In April 2014, the company announced 36 contractor and worker roles would inphase one of the review.
Reminding readers that the field of digital information storage is more than 50 years old, Curtis and his colleagues at InPhase Technologies, Longmont, CO, have compiled this volume timed to coincide with the release of the first commercial product using a new holographic approach to storage technologies: a professional archive storage drive using removable disk media.
Dual gradient-echo inphase and opposed-phase hepatic MR imaging: A useful tool for evaluating more than fatty infiltration or fatty sparing.
MacFarlane Partners originally invested inPhase III on behalf of MacFarlane Urban Real Estate Fund II, a newly formed, closed-end real estate commingled fund that invests in development, redevelopment and repositioning projects in urban and high-density suburban areas nationwide.
After n=1 iterations the CORDIC provides the sample I(k) and Q(k) of the down converted Inphase and Quadrature phase signal with a resolution of approximately n bits.
Both the inphase and quadrature data of the instrument are considered.
Researchers at BMS are already working with companies such as InPhase Technologies of Colorado on holographic storage media (manufacturing partner: Maxell) which are set to continue the revolution in digital data discs.
The winners were American Toyota, Columbia Forest Products, InPhase Holographic Storage, Lithotype, and SCAQMD.
Northumberland County Council won the INPHASE Innovation Award 2005.
The Inphase Innovation Award comes after judges from 40 other councils highlighted the efficient and accessible way the authority's performance figures are available on the internet.
Bayer has purchased a $5-million stake in InPhase Technologies Inc.