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1. (Computer Science) the data or information that is passed into or out of a computer. Abbreviation: I/O
2. (Computer Science) (modifier) concerned with or relating to such passage of data or information



the combination of devices, channels, and techniques controlling the transfer of information between a CPU and its peripherals.
Abbr.: I/O


[ˌɪnpʊtˈaʊtput] (COMPUTING)
nentrée/sortie f
modif [system] → d'entrée/sortie
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JASDAQ: 6769) said it has announced a motor driver product, THM3561, with input/output of low voltage differential signaling (LVDS).
NYSE' MOB), it takes a while for the glad tidings to trickle down to oil-equipment makers like Input/Output.
The adoption of common interfaces for input/output features extends the consumer-friendly and environmentally-focused universal charger solution that the wireless industry announced in April 2009.
SpiritWave ESB Server additionally supports non-blocking input/output for extreme scaling to large numbers of clients from a single daemon or across a cluster.
Remote Input/Output Units: The ten remote input/output units per aircraft provide the primary analogue to digital conversion of the sensor and effector interfaces to the vehicle sub-systems.
Smiths Aerospace completes safety of flight testing for the Standby Flight Display (SFD) and Remote Input/Output (RIO) equipment and delivers hardware for the Joint Striker Fighter (JSF) F-35 first flight.

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