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1. (Computer Science) the data or information that is passed into or out of a computer. Abbreviation: I/O
2. (Computer Science) (modifier) concerned with or relating to such passage of data or information



the combination of devices, channels, and techniques controlling the transfer of information between a CPU and its peripherals.
Abbr.: I/O


[ˌɪnpʊtˈaʊtput] (COMPUTING)
nentrée/sortie f
modif [system] → d'entrée/sortie
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Michael Kirksey Chief Financial Officer Input/Output (281) 879-3672 Jack Lascar, Partner Karen Roan, Vice President DRG&E (713) 529-6600
NYSE' MOB), it takes a while for the glad tidings to trickle down to oil-equipment makers like Input/Output.
The adoption of common interfaces for input/output features extends the consumer-friendly and environmentally-focused universal charger solution that the wireless industry announced in April 2009.
The MS1000P Cat5 and the MS1000MP Cat5 support multiple input/output formats, automatic input/output detection and RS232.
According to Tim Probert, President and CEO of Input/Output, "Bjarte is a welcome addition to our management team.
The complaint charges Input/Output and certain of its officers and directors with violations of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.
Gay has made many important contributions to Input/Output during her tenure with us," said W.
INPUT's October INPUT/Output report indicates that for the United States to maintain its position as a global leader, it is necessary for government and business to collaboratively enable high capacity telecommunications to be commonplace through every business and home.
STAFFORD, Texas, June 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Input/Output (NYSE: I0) and Mitcham Industries (Nasdaq: MIND) announced today that they have agreed in principle to terms for a new Preferred Supplier Agreement.
GMG/AXIS has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Input/Output Inc.
Zeringue said CompuSeis will remain based in Austin, Texas, combined with Input/Output's product development organization, and report to Input/Output Executive Vice President and Chief Technical Officer Axel M.

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