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n. pl. inro
A small, usually ornamented box that is hung from the waist sash of a Japanese kimono and has compartments for holding small objects such as cosmetics, perfumes, or medicines.

[Japanese inrō : in, stamp, seal (from Middle Chinese ʔjin`; also the source of Mandarin, yìn) + , bamboo box, envelop (from Middle Chinese ləwŋ´; also the source of Mandarin, lǒng).]


(Historical Terms) Japanese history a small box for carrying objects such as seals and medicines, worn at the waist


(ˈɪn roʊ)

n., pl. -ro.
a small lacquer box with compartments for medicines, cosmetics, etc., worn on the waist sash of the Japanese kimono.
[1610–20; < Japanese inrō < Middle Chinese]
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Inro are beautifully crafted boxes which emerged as the most popular type of sagemono, while the ojime is a sliding bead through which the cord holding the box passes, keeping the inro closed.
Mr Wrangham's collection of 18-19th century inro proved particularly popular with bidders worldwide.
Non-naturalized are: daimio, dairi, inro, itzebu, kago, k'ai shu, kanji, kirin, kobang, Rinzai, sennin, seppuku, shaku, shakudo, shippo, soroban, soshi.
Second, they should reinstitute their lines of communication by INRO without the stockpile.
25/lube or a record low in 10 years, whereas INRO had no more stock left.
Lotus Arts & Windermere Lamps will highlight Japanese design in its collection of licensed Victoria & Albert Museum lamps, including several inspired by inro -- small and exquisite Japanese lacquer boxes.
This is the kind of stand where you come across oriental lacquer-ware, boxes, writing sets and sometimes you find those wonderful three-tier stacked boxessecured by a silken cord called inro .
InRo Biomedtek AB reports a net turnover of MSEK 0.
Providing enough money to support his big family is not the first thing to come inro his mind, as he's just looking to have a big family.
At baseline enrollment inro the original cohort study, each participant completed a self-administered questionnaire that included questions on lifestyle habits, health status, whether they suffered or had ever suffered from hypertension, and whether they received or had ever received medication for hypertension.
pounds Belle D'Opium (50ml) by YSL, pounds 53 At first glance you can't help but be grabbed by the unique statement bottle of Belle D'Opium, "inspired by the precious Inro of bedroom masculine suit a girly ensures home in Far East warriors".
From the collection of the Californian nonagenarian Elly Nordskog (who has a penchant for Japanese lacquer and a fine eye for marrying inro with netsuke of complementary subjects), comes no less than 65 inro, 60 netsuke and 30 pipecases, the latter a rather neglected field of collecting for which, until this show, there was no literature.