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 (ĭn-sā′shə-bəl, -shē-ə-)
Impossible to satiate or satisfy: an insatiable appetite; an insatiable hunger for knowledge.

[Middle English insaciable, from Old French, from Latin īnsatiābilis : in-, not; see in-1 + satiāre, to fill; see satiate.]

in·sa′tia·bil′i·ty, in·sa′tia·ble·ness n.
in·sa′tia·bly adv.


nUnersättlichkeit f; (of thirst, curiosity, desire)Unstillbarkeit f
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But as much as her book is a celebration of place, it is also about the insatiability of hunger for home.
In a world so rich in social possibilities, the permeability of Grant's and Dreiser's heroines guarantees the insatiability of their desire.
I heard a friend-who's on his way to being a collector-say that collecting is an insatiability that needs to be calibrated.
Resham has said that she plays the character of an empowered woman who goes through obstacles in life due to the political and social insatiability.
Fair Limits will confront basic assumptions commonly used in liberal political philosophy, including claims about what account of the quality of life our social institutions should protect, which goods are scarce, the insatiability of human wants, the status of ecosystem resources, and the nature of the economic system and its distributive consequences.
Nudity and self-exposure are seen as expressions of sexual agitation and insatiability.
Given the insatiability and selfishness of the will, the philosopher does not expect a global, universal and durable harmony and peace.
The image of the mermaids recall the role of women to give birth, connecting the watery medium to the fetus living in a fluid, a "realm" specific to them, they are seductive and lure men, while the image of the Minotaur reminds us of power, aggressiveness, and insatiability of masculinity.
Far from vulnerable or problematic, insatiability is a state of being he associates with childhood innocence, a time when, as he expounds with wonder in "My Spirit":
All told, Kombluh's account of the connections between the financial and psychic economies provides a striking deconstructive intervention in scholarly accounts of literature and economics, particularly in discussions of desire's increasing importance in political economic thought such as Gagnier's The Insatiability of Human Wants or Gallagher's The Body Economic.
Business in the laissez faire sense (not mercantilism or cronyism) deals with the natural phenomena of scarcity, insatiability, and cost efficiency.
MA: I am insatiability curious, so I am constantly looking outside, constantly reading things that seem to be completely disconnected from things that I do day-to-day.