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He belongs to the great array of the unknown - who are great, indeed, by the sum total of the devoted effort put out, and the colossal scale of success attained by their insatiable and steadfast ambition.
And the insatiable desire of wealth and the neglect of all other things for the sake of money-getting was also the ruin of oligarchy?
Whether the insatiable curiosity of this good woman had carried her on to that business, or whether she did it to confirm herself in the good graces of Mrs Blifil, who, notwithstanding her outward behaviour to the foundling, frequently abused the infant in private, and her brother too, for his fondness to it, I will not determine; but she had now, as she conceived, fully detected the father of the foundling.
Very early in my life, possibly because of the insatiable curiosity that was born in me, I came to dislike the performances of trained animals.
Like Midas in the fable, who from his insatiable wish had everything he touched turned into gold.
I am a poor deformed wretch, with a warm heart, and, perhaps, an insatiable curiosity as well.
It required, indeed, an insatiable avidity for censure to invent exceptions to the parts which have been excepted to.
Take them and place thy insatiable little Leon in the midst of them
No: the insatiable amateur had his own purpose to gain, and was not exhausted yet.
I felt so good, that somehow, somewhere, in me arose an insatiable greed to feel better.
Insatiably striveth your soul for treasures and jewels, because your virtue is insatiable in desiring to bestow.
The said Earl thinking himself greater than any king in those quarters, determined to have that whole benefice (as he hath divers others) to pay at his pleasure ; and because he could not find sic security as his insatiable appetite required, this shift was devised.