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tr.v. in·scribed, in·scrib·ing, in·scribes
a. To write, print, carve, or engrave (words or letters) on or in a surface.
b. To mark or engrave (a surface) with words or letters.
2. To enter (a name) on a list or in a register.
a. To sign one's name or write a brief message in or on (a gift book or photograph, for example).
b. To dedicate to someone.
4. Mathematics To draw (one figure) within another figure so that every vertex of the enclosed figure touches the outer figure.

[Latin īnscrībere : in-, in, on; see in-2 + scrībere, to write; see skrībh- in Indo-European roots.]

in·scrib′er n.
References in classic literature ?
So also, as regards the Judge Pyncheon of to-day, neither clergyman, nor legal critic, nor inscriber of tombstones, nor historian of general or local politics, would venture a word against this eminent person's sincerity as a Christian, or respectability as a man, or integrity as a judge, or courage and faithfulness as the often-tried representative of his political party.
Tenders are invited for Rotary Switch 63 Amps, 4 Position, 3 Phase, 440V, Switching Two Way On Off, For Ac Switching Conforming To Is:13947 Part I And Ii /1993, Similar To Kaycee Type Srpm 637A Panel Mounting Type With Operating Knob The Face Plate Shall Be Inscriber As Normal Emergency Icf Approved Makes Salzer/L And T/ Kaycee/Switchon Only Along With Oem Certificate Only Is Acceptable.
On display for the first time at Broadcast Asia is the Harris Broadcast Inscriber G8 graphics production system.
6 per cent of the Season, the inscriber need look no further.
Unlike Plath, Virginia Woolf envisioned annotating as an act of violence toward the author of the book, instead of toward its owner or former inscriber.
Does not the second "catination" retroactively produce a chain of articulation through self-quotation and thereby elevate the inscriber to the level of a master text?
The orders include some of the latest Harris products from the Workflow, Infrastructure & Networking (WIN) family of products including the latest offering from the NEXIO AMP servers, NEXIO Farad high-performance online storage, Platinum routers, Inscriber G7 integrated HD/SD broadcast graphics system, playout automation system with integrated Invenio asset management, the HView SX Hybrid multiviewers, Videotek test and measurement devices, several signal processing, distribution and conversion products as well as Intraplex multiplexer solutions and PR&E audio consoles for Turkmenistan TV's radio broadcast facility.
It must have depended in part upon the level of competence in Sanskrit of the author and inscriber of each inscription', especially since the difference between the long and short 'a' is not recognised in Indonesian languages.
Through the introduction of key linguists such as Paul Passy and his early attempts at a universal phonetic alphabet as well as Abbe Pierre-Jean Rousselot and his laboratory in which experiments with an artificial palate and an electric speech inscriber (inscripteur electrique de la parole) scientifically measured the spoken word/vowel, the author conveys a clear picture of the discourse that ensued from the political decisions of this new French government.
It is possible that the inscriber of the song was a male scribe in Jerusalem.
The inscriber used the name of the great god Ra incorrectly and in vain; it was blasphemy in ancient Egypt.