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n.1.The quality or state of being inscrutable; inscrutability.
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His thin lips, like the dies of a machine, stamped out phrases that cut and stung; or again, pursing caressingly about the inchoate sound they articulated, the thin lips shaped soft and velvety things, mellow phrases of glow and glory, of haunting beauty, reverberant of the mystery and inscrutableness of life; and yet again the thin lips were like a bugle, from which rang the crash and tumult of cosmic strife, phrases that sounded clear as silver, that were luminous as starry spaces, that epitomized the final word of science and yet said something more - the poet's word, the transcendental truth, elusive and without words which could express, and which none the less found expression in the subtle and all but ungraspable connotations of common words.
It seemed to me that here was the key to her inscrutableness, the clue that if followed properly would make all her strangeness plain.
Tyche has been given different names among men: her impartiality is called Nemesis (that is, Retributive Justice); her inscrutableness is called Hope; her ineluctability/necessity is called Moira or Fate; her righteousness, Themis.