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a.1.Pertaining to, or having the nature of, insects.
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There are insectile forms on its mesh edge and a grasshopper-like shape suspended from fishing line between the mesh and one of the branch 'legs'.
Drawing on his account of waking from a dream in which he was a butterfly, unsure whether he was a now actually a butterfly dreaming he was a man, the dancers switch between motionless sleep and insectile motion, with flapping wings and elongated appendages accompanied by the whispers, gurgles and clangs of Tan Dun's disconcerting Ghost Opera.
When we were insectile carapaces, we had no need for waterproof clothes.
He portrays the automobile as a foreign body with vital juices, an insectile shell that can surround and invade the human body--a carapace.
31) Culturally, humans have been contemplating and eschewing this vision of extended life for millennia, through Tithonius' insectile devolution to Swift's doddering "Struldbruggs.
On the opening track, a mournful shamisen wails over a sinister insectile buzz.
Hence we once more find ourselves plunged deep "into" a discussion about insectile indeterminacy, contradictory possibility.
IRAC, Insectile Resistance and Mode of Action Classification of Insecticides