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1. Not sure or certain; doubtful: unemployed and facing an insecure future.
2. Inadequately guarded or protected; unsafe: A shortage of military police made the air base insecure.
3. Not firm or fixed; unsteady: an insecure foothold.
a. Lacking stability; troubled: an insecure relationship.
b. Lacking self-confidence; plagued by anxiety: had always felt insecure at parties.

in′se·cure′ly adv.
in′se·cure′ness n.
in′se·cu′ri·ty (-kyo͝or′ĭ-tē) n.
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Adv.1.insecurely - in a tentative and self-conscious manner; "she always acts very insecurely in the presence of her father"
securely - in a confident and unselfconscious manner; "he acts very securely in front of the camera"
2.insecurely - in a manner involving risk; "our positions here at the university are rather insecurely supported by grant money"
securely - in a manner free from fear or risk; "the outcome of expansion in the sixties and seventies will be an academic hierarchy securely supported by scholastic selection"
بدون ثِقَه، بدون إطْمِئْنان
án öryggis


[ˌɪnsɪˈkjʊəlɪ] ADVde manera poco segura


adv fastenednicht sicher


(insiˈkjuə) adjective
1. unsure of oneself or lacking confidence. Whenever he was in a crowd of people he felt anxious and insecure.
2. not safe or firmly fixed. This chair-leg is insecure; an insecure lock.
ˌinseˈcurely adverb
ˌinseˈcurity noun
References in classic literature ?
They climbed out of the smelting town, where eyrie houses perched insecurely on a precipitous landscape.
While the rusty old knight was forced to climb a high tree, where he sat insecurely perched among the branches, feebly cursing the party as it departed.
But Numa of the pit, having scented the spoor of his benefactor, was minded again to pass into the walled city, and with that idea in his cunning brain he crept stealthily along the outer side of the palisade, testing each gateway with a padded foot until at last he discovered one which seemed insecurely fastened.
Ralph wondered whether she more resembled an elephant, with a jeweled head-dress, or a superb cockatoo, balanced insecurely upon its perch, and pecking capriciously at a lump of sugar.
All worked well, but there came a time when he fastened the pine-knot insecurely.
They are doomed to live insecurely in shame and fear, permanently in an impermanent state, hoping to find a house they can call home.
This was due to an insecurely designed cloud-backbone system that was initially created to enable the owners of these cameras to remotely access video from their devices.
particular case, the vulnerabilities were due to an insecurely designed
Insecurely isolated from reality, an official begins to imagine sinister plots lurking everywhere.
At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, he joined calls demanding Democrat rival Hillary Clinton be put in jail for her use of a personal email to send classified documents insecurely.
If done insecurely, this can lead to loss or fraudulent use of customer data, whilst impacting a business's reputation and revenue.
Prior information notice without call for competition: Health Needs Of Rough Sleepers And/Or The Street Community And Those Insecurely Housed.