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A special report by BBC Inside Out London said one of its journalists was encouraged by the Kings Heath terrorist to target London Bridge, suggesting he could do it alone or in a group.
Professor Roy Taylor from Newcastle University is to feature in a special edition of BBC current affairs programme Inside Out which examines the diabetes epidemic sweeping the country and its effects on the NHS.
Ronnie del Carmen said backstage at the 88th Academy Awards where Inside Out, which he codirected, won the best animated feature prize.
That's also what Sarah will be doing when she appears in the BBC's Inside Out programme which will be broadcast on February 16 at 7.
Last weekend saw the usual host of big end of month parties - Pressure and Inside Out both mashed it right on up at The Arches on Friday and Saturday.
TONIGHT'S Inside Out programme features Debbie Keep and her fiance Ian, from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, who have decided to tie the knot.
We've passed muster among a panel of five or more tough judges who know the construction business inside out," commented Tony Rader, AUI's Construction Group manager.
The BBC's Inside Out will broadcast a 30-minute investigation into the abuse of Sikh girls, following the jailing last week of a grooming gang for a raft of child sex offences.
BBC Newcastle's staff - who work on shows including Look North and Inside Out as well as BBC Radio Newcastle - urge people to, "write to your local paper, tell family and friends as well" before the BBC's public consultation on the review closes on December 21.
Their English language production Inside Out is accompanied by live music from Swedish outfit, Irya's Playground.