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 (ĭn-sīt′fəl, ĭn′sīt′-)
Showing or having insight; perceptive.

in·sight′ful·ly adv.
in·sight′ful·ness n.


in an insightful manner
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Without malice it corrects cautionary readings of the revenge tragedies, and it discusses insightfully the politics and personalities of revenge in the histories and Roman plays.
Reese Schonfeld, co-founder of CNN, has a mea culpa for those ``Sabbath gasbags'' (as Calvin Trillin insightfully dubbed them) who used to appear just on Sunday morning talk shows but now - thanks to the success of the early CNN series ``Crossfire'' and its imitators - appear throughout the week.
The articles are wide-ranging topically, well-written, insightfully introduced and analyzed by the editors, and convincing in their combined theoretical point--that there is little that is "natural" or genetically determined about how men behave.
His work insightfully combines two different mathematical approaches and has resulted in the solution of several longstanding and important problems in mathematics.
Introducing readers to tactics and strategies collected and developed over the years by McDermott, The Librarian's Internet Survival Guide insightfully informs librarians of the invaluable particulars which only years of experience may bring to light in integrating and utilizing a high-tech reference resource.
A detailed review and forecasts on global, regional and country markets of methyl methacrylate can be found in the new market research report "Methyl Methacrylate (MMA): 2011 World Market Outlook And Forecast" that insightfully examines the today's situation, historical background and future outlook and presents full-scale data and information on the key methyl methacrylate market metrics: capacities, production, consumption, trade statistics.
The discussion insightfully reopens the play's painful legal and ethnic issues.
The film backtracks, charting the lives of those involved before the fateful night that Shepard was beaten and left for dead in the remote Wyoming countryside, insightfully noting ironic minor incidents that led to the tragedy.
In addition, he argues insightfully that Hebrews's theology is directed towards a community in the throes of social distress.
Granting the reader an invaluable reference and comprehensive grasp of the ideologies guiding humankind and the probable results of pluralistic concept, Sacred Freedom insightfully and engagingly informs its readers of an uncompromisingly seclusive universal perception.
Learn Insightfully CEO Chirag Kulkarni'sfive remaining reasons why young entrepreneurs are preparing to take over the world on VentureBeat.
Lassalle-Klein insightfully describes how UCA decided to do in "its university way" what Msgr.