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 (ĭn-sīt′fəl, ĭn′sīt′-)
Showing or having insight; perceptive.

in·sight′ful·ly adv.
in·sight′ful·ness n.


in an insightful manner
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But, Pope Francis' recent suggestion to keep it short and insightfully significant is a timely and welcome reminder that Catholic preachers should take earnest heed of, because relative brevity assures greater focus and pertinence to the life lessons that are taught at Mass, which the faithful can apply to improve and edify their and other people's lives after learning them.
Professor Wesley is one of the world's leading experts on Asian and international affairs and insightfully examines the psychology of countries becoming newly rich and powerful, and explores the "corridors of blood"--the geography and politics of conflict and he makes a case for how to avert a plunge into dispute, conflict, or even war.
Critique: "Degas, Impressionism, and the Millinery Trade" is an original and ground breaking study that insightfully examines the fundamental role of hats and hat-makers in 19th-century culture.
The winning journalists were selected because they demonstrated an ability to report insightfully on finance and investment-related news developments in a manner which would greater inform both professionals in the industry as well as the general public.
Critique: Enhanced with a listing of Additional Resources; forty-six pages of Notes; a twenty page bibliography of Works Cited; and a fourteen page Index, "Human Rights in Canada: A History" offers an insightfully informative and ground breaking study that is unreservedly recommended for college and university Human Rights/Civil Rights collections in general, and Canadian Political Science supplemental studies reading lists in particular.
Editorial: A Bang and a Whimper," May 2016) How can you write insightfully without research?
This issue closes with our book reviews that, as always, insightfully alert readers to a wide range of new works.
This edition has new material on the relationship between reading critically and writing insightfully, engaging with print and multimodal texts, and moving beyond summary to analysis.
It won't change the world, but It does understand it--far more insightfully than all the formulaic blockbusters that will be competing for the same few screens where such a quiet and tenderly observed film might hope to find a home.
This is something that our guest columnist, Jeff Day, insightfully points out in his article on page 16 on how plastics processors can 'slim down' their outgoings when it comes to temperature control.
Girl Runner insightfully explores a multitude of topics, including the strange ways we hold on to those we've lost, the push and pull of magnetic, yet competitive friendships, and how we find the courage to forgive people who have disappointed us.
Learn Insightfully CEO Chirag Kulkarni'sfive remaining reasons why young entrepreneurs are preparing to take over the world on VentureBeat.