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To such an extent.


(ˌɪn səˈfɑr, -soʊ-)

to such an extent (usu. fol. by as): I will do the work insofar as I am able.
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Adv.1.insofar - to the degree or extent that; "insofar as it can be ascertained, the horse lung is comparable to that of man"; "so far as it is reasonably practical he should practice restraint"


[ɪnsəˈfɑːʳ] insofar as CONJen la medida en que ...
insofar as can be ascertaineden la medida en que se puede establecer ...


adv insofar assoweit
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He was a true Frenchman insofar as that, though he could be lively and engaging when it suited him, he became insufferably dull and wearisome as soon as ever the need for being lively and engaging had passed.
At his request she sang again as they continued their way along the winding tunnel, which was now lighted by occasional bulbs which appeared to be similar to the radium bulbs with which she was familiar and which were common to all the nations of Barsoom, insofar as she knew, having been perfected at so remote a period that their very origin was lost in antiquity.
Insofar as such tickets are aimed at generating revenue for the city rather than improving public safety or road management, the police essentially act as extortionists for city government.
Cameroon which plans to boost its tourism potential, has requested Tunisia's support insofar as studies and implementation of tourism projects are concerned.
Understood in the logic of the above doxology--Jews and Christians can and need to be cognizant of how the language of the day and the outer sanctuary contributes to their proclamation insofar as it can offer a surplus to better testify to the inexhaustibility of divine sovereignty and develop further the contours of their identity as proclaimers.
Insofar as the inescapable calculus of politics and the law based itself on the unverifiable (therefore indeconstructible) assumed ground of ethics and justice, they were "mad.
Finitude characterizes our ontological being insofar as it is the in-common structuring of our general mode of temporal existence.
Speaking of the yoke of marriage was a familiar topos in humanistic writings, and Luther tries to overcome this attitude when, in his treatise The Estate of Marriage, he recommends marriage as a vision for life, which (provided that it is lived in faith) means comfort insofar as it pleases God and delight insofar as it establishes a communion of man and woman.
said his client is "disappointed with the verdict insofar as [it] felt [it has] provided quality care since 1978.
Insofar as Canada continues to accept them, the clearer it becomes that the Charter must be abolished.
But the court found that the former detainees asserted a constitutional violation of equal protection by alleging that their own race was a motivating factor for selecting them for confinement from a pool of eligible defendants, insofar as their race related to the race of their victims.
But insofar as the story deals with the tragic consequences of sudden death and loss in the executive suite, it now has, sadly, even more relevance than it did at its inception.