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Last year was relatively benign for restructuring and insol vency in all sub-sectors of retail, so the net closures points to structural changes in customer behaviour more so than a consumer slowdown.
Pongo un ejemplo, yo nunca habria pensado que el presidente Pena Nieto iba a hacer el elogio de un pobre cadete que se insol y se cay diciendo que esto era una muestra del valor del Ejercito Mexicano.
com)-- PECB is honored to announce that it has signed a new partnership agreement with Insol Consultancy, to distribute PECB training courses in Malaysia.
A former president of insolvency trade body R3, he is an active member of Insol, the world's leading insolvency association.
INSOL, Statement of Principles for a Global Approach to Multi-Creditor Workouts (2000), available at http://www.
The two-day Third Regional Judicial and Financial Colloquium on Insolvency and Restructuring in the Middle East and North Africa was held in the emirate, which was organised by the Hawkamah Institute in partnership with the Dubai Economic Council, or DEC, in collaboration with the Dubai Judicial Institute, Insol International and the World Bank Group.
Pearson is a member of INSOL International and the American Bankruptcy Institute, and is the founding chairman of the 200-member, INSOL affiliated, Cayman Islands based Restructuring and Insolvency Specialists Association.
Para la elaboracion del referido estudio, la Secretaria conto con la colaboracion y la asistencia de INSOL, organizando un coloquio sobre insolvencia transfronteriza en Viena, del 17 al 19 de abril de 1994.
Euro INSOL was appointed the judicial administrator.
Rescue proceedings shouldn't be seen as free ride for people who are useless at their job - they should be seen as a way of getting the business, and all the employees who rely on that business, in the hands of people who are competent," said Gordon Stewart, president of insolvency organisation INSOL.
The two-day event is being held in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Council for Economic Development (ADCED), DIFC Courts, Dubai Judicial Institute, European Bank For Reconstruction and Development, ICAEW Middle East, INSOL International and The World Bank Group.
The Model Law was adopted following initiatives in the 1980s by the International Bar Association and later by INSOL (International (the International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Professionals).