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1. Audaciously rude or disrespectful; impertinent or impudent.
2. Archaic Presumptuous and insulting in manner or speech; arrogant.

[Middle English, from Latin īnsolēns, īnsolent-, immoderate, arrogant : in-, not; see in-1 + solēns, present participle of solēre, to be accustomed.]

in′so·lence (-ləns) n.
in′so·lent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.insolently - in an insolent manner; "he had replied insolently to his superiors"
بوقاحَه، بإهانَه
meî ósvífni


[ˈɪnsələntlɪ] ADVinsolentemente


(ˈinsələnt) adjective
(of a person or his behaviour) insulting or offensive. an insolent stare/remark.
ˈinsolently adverb
ˈinsolence noun
References in classic literature ?
I tried to buy a diploma for an invalid friend at home who had never traveled, and whose desire all his life has been to ascend Mont Blanc, but the Guide-in-Chief rather insolently refused to sell me one.
I suppose I do come on; though in what fashion I know not; being scarcely cognisant of my movements, and solicitous only to appear calm; and, above all, to control the working muscles of my face-- which I feel rebel insolently against my will, and struggle to express what I had resolved to conceal.
The answer referred me, in insolently curt terms, to the instructions already communicated; declared those instructions to be final; and declined any further correspondence with me.
She put the mug down on the stones of the yard, and gave me the bread and meat without looking at me, as insolently as if I were a dog in disgrace.
I got leave to be there," said the boy insolently, but reddening.
Passepartout was ready to pounce upon the American, who was staring insolently at his opponent.
He had a haughty bearing, a look either steady and impenetrable or insolently piercing and inquisitorial.
Smoke clouds went slowly and insolently across the fields like observant phantoms.
Arrived at the bank of the river the three men perceived that they were followed, turned around, and looking insolently at the Frenchmen, passed some jests from one to another.
I have much there that I left behind me when I came here to my sorrow, and I shall bring back still further store of gold, of red copper, of fair women, and of iron, my share of the spoils that we have taken; but one prize, he who gave has insolently taken away.
Sophia (who though naturally all winning sweetness could when occasions demanded it call forth the Dignity of her sex) instantly put on a most forbidding look, and darting an angry frown on the undaunted culprit, demanded in a haughty tone of voice "Wherefore her retirement was thus insolently broken in on?
D'Artagnan turned upon his heel, insolently enough, and finding himself face to face with Colbert, after his first turn, he bowed to him as a harlequin would have done; then, after a second evolution, he directed his steps towards the door in quick time.