insomuch as

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in·so·much as

1. To such extent or degree as.
2. Inasmuch as; since.
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Arguably unlucky insomuch as he was momentarily checked, he shaped as if a stiffer test than Warwick's seven furlongs would suit.
Americans value genetic information insomuch as it can detect and prevent disease; they are less interested in genetic information that will not lead to cures.
Fundamentally different in operation than any existing form of wireless communications insomuch as it does not use a frequency carrier, UWB technology promises unmatched wireless data rates, better signal penetration through walls and obstacles and ultra-precise geographic positioning using extremely low power on relatively inexpensive architectures.
To clarify, I believe my disability was an issue in the judging process insomuch as it is my platform, "Americans with Disabilities: Think Ability," and our platforms play a significant role in the competition.
5% of the broadcasting hours insomuch as two thousand and 150 hours; while the share of development programs was two thousand and 82 hours constituting about 23.
In sum, your credit-manufacturing process and defect rates are key to your success when originating non-QM loans insomuch as you are trying to create mortgages and mortgage products that can actually be repaid at a price that is palatable for the borrowers' financial circumstances.
Furthermore, argument for its own sake sometimes steers a dialogue's development, insomuch as disputants attack positions they otherwise adhere to, seeking to provoke an intriguing defense.
The new wins are highly significant insomuch as they are thought to tighten the noose around terrorists in other areas and cut off their supply lines, not to mention form a springboard for broadening the scope of operations and eliminating terrorists in the area.
For Corbett, Dante's Epicurus is at once a positive figure for the noble secular unbeliever, ordering his earthly life according to reason, virtue and an understanding of the natural world while at the same time also a negative figure insomuch as he represents the doctrine of mortalism, which is entirely at odds with Dante's Christian faith.
But in Europe's current predicament, higher labor costs can also be advantageous insomuch as they accelerate rebalancing across the regions of the Euro Area by strengthening consumer purchasing power in Germany.
Gray was natural, insomuch as he has worked on the ground and in the region at both the Poplar and Scotia Projects.
By a great drought which continued from the third week in May, till about the middle of July, without any rain and with great heat for the most part, insomuch as the corn began to wither away though it was set with fish, the moisture whereof helped it much.