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1. Of or relating to inspiration.
2. Providing or intended to convey inspiration.
3. Resulting from inspiration.

in′spi·ra′tion·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.inspirationally - with inspiration; in an inspiring manner, "he talked inspirationally"
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When the goalkeeper plays as inspirationally as he did, you have to take your hat off and say well done.
While he did not make a save the Pirates became the first team for a decade to return to the Football League at the first time of asking with a 5-3 penalty victory after Grimsby's Jon-Paul Pittman, who had presumably been inspirationally told before the match to shoot for the stars, did just that.
Inspirationally, Di Leo finds the tools for the university's reinvention in the critical terminologies of the humanities' and social sciences' most innovative recent thought.
As she did in her previous books about librarians and obituary writers, Johnson finds that the line between inspirationally nutty and actually crazy is measured in the joy of the work.
Rachael inspirationally reminds us that no cancer is easy but that life can be full in spite of it.
Each of the 199 inspirationally designed, fully serviced residences is lavishly appointed, offering the height of elegant living.
Incheon: North Korean weightlifter Kim Un-Guk on Tuesday said supreme leader Kim Jong-Un had inspirationally helped cure a troublesome injury before he smashed three world records at the Asian Games.
All inspirationally designed, meticulously engineered and beautifully crafted.
But inspirationally -- that's in the lap of the gods.
Jonson writes accessibly and inspirationally on the ecumenical movement's history and multifaceted development.
Two of NECC's best-known members, Paul Walker and Paul Callaghan, spoke inspirationally about what they believe can be achieved in the region.