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1. A device, such as a respirator or inhaler, by which a gas, vapor, or air is drawn in.
2. One who inspires or motivates others.

[Latin īnspīrāre, to breathe into; see inspire + -ator.]


(General Engineering) a device for drawing in or injecting a vapour, liquid, etc. Also called: injector
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But I, in encountering great pressures at the bottom of the sea, was obliged to shut my head, like that of a diver in a ball of copper; and it is to this ball of copper that the two pipes, the inspirator and the expirator, open.
SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Dynamy Youth Academy, Grades 9-12; Worcester Student Immigrant Movement member, Grade 12; National Honor Society, president, Grades 11 and 12; homeless shelter community volunteer, Grades 9-12; teen inspirators, Grades 10 and 11; Gifted High School Student Program at the College of the Holy Cross, Grade 12.
Video with caption: "Video: Meet the winning team of the 2012 RBC Next Great Innovator Challenge: the Inspirators from the University of Waterloo.