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Noun1.installation charge - the charge for installing something
charge - the price charged for some article or service; "the admission charge"
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TalkTalk customers can sign up for free with a one-off PS50 installation charge for access to 100 channels.
with the consumption tax and installation charge (300,000 yen excluding tax).
Customers choosing the "base" offer pay a pounds 40 connection fee plus pounds 50 installation charge.
PC Nick Stephens, community safety officer at Warwickshire Police, said: "The company has been telephoning residents and asking questions that have worried them and offering alarms as 'free' but with a large installation charge and annual fee.
Gershwin said the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power agreed to pay the $1,600-per-home installation charge, a key stumbling block for new streetlights in low-income areas.
The Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications will get rid of the current installation charge by 2006, the sources said.
You'll have to pay an installation charge of maybe $100 to $200, a monthly line charge that will vary depending on your configuration and, with many providers, a usage fee.
66 a month plus a one-time installation charge of $94.
They might say that the alarms are free, or that you only have to pay a small installation charge, but then they'll hit you with an extortionate service contract.
The company also makes a single installation charge of up to OGX295,000.
The broadband packages will be available with free connection and a reduced installation charge until the end of June 2004.
King said she hasn't complained to anyone other than police about the lack of lighting, but activists a few miles to the east are working with Councilman Alex Padilla on getting lights in Pacoima without the $1,600- per-home installation charge.

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