installment debt

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Noun1.installment debt - debt to be paid by installments
debt - money or goods or services owed by one person to another
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In addition, EZCORP agreed to forgive all outstanding payday and installment debt, which had already been written off for financial purposes, either as bad debt or as part of discontinuing the U.
Secure Retirement Institute analyzed federal data on consumer finances and found that in 1989 education loans made up 4 percent of installment debt for pre-retirees.
Growth in consumer and installment debt stabilised at 18 per cent through September, with outstanding debt reaching KWD 7.
The report said that growth in consumer and installment debt stabilized at 18 percent through September, with outstanding debt reaching KD 7.
The top Kuwaiti lender said consumer and installment debt growth recorded a healthy pace through June, with outstanding debt reaching a mid-year figure of KD7.
Meanwhile, families in the lowest-income percentile have been reporting an increasing use of installment debt since the 2007 survey.
1 personally have over $800,000 of installment debt with a mortgage, a second mortgage, and a rental house," says Ulzheimer.
Although its interest-bearing debt including lease liabilities and installment debt is expected to slightly increase as it plans to make capital investments in rental TVs for terrestrial digital broadcasting by the end of the fiscal year ending 31 March 2011, a deterioration
This ratio has fallen as consumer and installment debt growth has not kept pace with double-digit growth in household income during the period.
The installment debt obligation involves both a risk premium and market interest.
If you're paying interest on credit cards and installment debt, you're paying a lot more than retail price for your purchases.